Israel shows new scenes of attacks captured by Hamas

Israel shows new scenes of attacks captured by Hamas
Israel shows new scenes of attacks captured by Hamas

There are extremely strong images, such as parents being killed in front of their children and beheadings; video was presented to journalists, but was not published

The Israeli embassy in Brazil showed on Wednesday (Nov 1) a video with new images of the October 7th attacks carried out by the extremist group Hamas. There are 43 minutes of extremely powerful scenes captured by Hamas body cameras, cell phones, security cameras and ongoing investigations.

It is the longest sequence released by Israel to date. On October 19, excerpts of the attacks captured mainly on roads and in kibbutzim were revealed. Kibbutzim are community farms that are very common in the south of the country, close to the Gaza Strip.

The new images show the attacks against the Universo Paralello rave, which left 260 people dead. They also show a kibbutz where Hamas militants kill a father in front of his children; a call from a fighter to his parents celebrating murders; beheadings; charred bodies; and dead babies still in diapers.

The embassy has not made the video public in full. He said that families of the murdered people did not agree to publicize it. There are also bodies that have not yet been identified, especially those charred. There are excerpts published, like this one.

NOTICE: The images released by Israel are extremely strong.

Watch (11min5s):

The ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Zonshine, said the images would be shown so that people do not forget the nature of the attacks, always described by the diplomatic corps as “shocking“. There are brutal scenes, such as Hamas militants using a swollen to decapitate a Jew. Two men alternate in the task.

Zonshine compares Hamas’ modus operandi to the Islamic State, a group considered terrorist by the UN (United Nations) that gained fame for the brutality it dealt with its opponents and ultra-conservative positions on morals and customs.

One of Israel’s mottos in the war is the English phrase “Hamas is Isis“, that means “Hamas is the Islamic State“. Before the video began, Zonshine repeated it: “You will see for yourselves. Hamas is Isis“.


The video begins with cellphone and body camera footage of Hamas militants entering Israel. They stop on a highway and wave to cars dressed in uniforms with accessories used by security forces. When the vehicles slowed down, they were shot.

There is a kind of attack protocol that is repeated in several scenes shown. After the first shots at an Israeli resident, fighters shoot himself in the head to make sure the person is dead.

Several vehicles belonging to murdered people were used by the extremists to travel and continue the attack. Others were burned with bodies inside. There are images of cars being doused with gasoline and then set on fire. Always with bodies inside.

Sérgio Lima/Poder360 – October 17, 2023

Israeli Ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Zonshine, stated that Hamas’ modus operandi is the same as that of the Islamic State. And he repeated the phrase that Israel has said in English: “Hamas is Isis“, that means “Hamas is the Islamic State“. In the image, during an interview with Power360 on October 17th

There is a long sequence of a pair of Hamas militants entering a kibbutz. Upon arrival, they shoot and kill local dogs. Repeat the protocol. After the first shot, a second to the head.

The body images of this duo were merged with others from a home’s security network. They show a father running in his underwear with his 2 children, approximately 10 years old, to a bunker. As soon as he arrives at the bunker door, they fire a grenade and he dies. The children are taken to the house by the extremists.

One of the children had his eye hanging out, probably due to the impact of the explosion. The other repeats: “Why am I alive? You killed my father“. Security cameras also capture the moment the murdered man’s wife arrives home and goes into shock when she sees him dead.

A decapitation is filmed. Two militants use a swollen gun to remove the head of a dying man. At least 5 blows are delivered. They repeated “Allahu Akbar“, which means “Allah (or God) is the greatest”.

Photos were shown of dead babies still wearing diapers and with signs of violence against their bodies. A call made by one of the extremists from an Israeli cell phone was recorded. He talks to his parents and asks them to look at the messages he had sent. And he says: “Your son is a hero. He killed more than 10 Jews with his own hands“. The parents say they are proud.

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