Hezbollah attacks Israel


The terrorist group Hezbollah This Wednesday, the 1st, he claimed responsibility for three new attacks in northern Israel. At around 12 noon, the Shiite group launched the first attack on a location near the border town of Blida.

During the afternoon, the Lebanese group launched artillery shells and missiles against the headquarters in the New Zarit Battalion, where the Israeli Army concentrated its vehicles. Shortly afterwards, the town of Hadab Al-Bustan was also hit. In return, Israel carried out three more attacks in South Lebanon.

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Since the Israeli counteroffensive in the Gaza Strip, clashes have intensified — especially at the borders. There were continuous exchanges of missiles and shelling.

Hezbollah Secretary General will make an announcement on Friday 3

Hezbollah has greater firepower than Hamas | Photo: Reproduction/Wikimedia Commons

There is expectation for the statement by the secretary general of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, scheduled for 3 pm next Friday, 3. The terrorist group has greater firepower than Hamas, is considered an army and has its main bases in Lebanon.

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The fear regarding Nasrallah’s statement is that there will be a call for the so-called “axis of resistance”, which brings together Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi and Iraqi Shiite groups.

These groups, however, oppose the Islamic State and Al Qaeda — although they all have Israel and the United States as common enemies.

Hezbollah’s eventual accession to the conflict would represent a serious escalation of the war, not only because of the group’s military capacity, but because it would drag Lebanon and other actors into the center of the crisis.

Hamas does not want peace

“The Gaza Strip was then dominated by the Fatah group, led by Yasser Arafat”, writes Dagomir Marquezi, in an article published in Edition 188 of Revista West. “Fatah evolved from armed struggle to the formation of a State and to the recognition of the State of Israel. They have always been incompetent and corrupt — but today they are dedicated to administering the West Bank and, apparently, they have given up on terrorism.”

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