In summary, Botafogo x Palmeiras referee reports Textor’s gesture of money and swearing | botafogo

In summary, Botafogo x Palmeiras referee reports Textor’s gesture of money and swearing | botafogo
In summary, Botafogo x Palmeiras referee reports Textor’s gesture of money and swearing | botafogo

In a summary released in the early hours of this Thursday by the CBF, Bráulio da Silva da Machado, referee of Botafogo 3 x 4 Palmeiras, played at the Nilton Santos Stadium, reported that John Textor, owner of SAF do Alvinegro, made a gesture of money with his hand (see video below) after the match.

Textor applauds fans and leaves the field indignant with the refereeing

After the match, many Botafogo managers took to the field to complain to the refereeing team, outraged by Adryelson’s expulsion.

“I inform you that after the end of the game, at the moment we were on the playing field, I noticed the presence of unrelated and/or accredited people, who invaded the playing field and approached the refereeing team, namely: athlete patrick de paula who protested with words that we were unable to identify due to the number of people around, and the owner of saf botafogo mr. john textor, who after talking to the players on his team and greeting the fans, approaches the team of referee applauding in an ironic way, followed by gestures referring to money touching the thumb to the index finger of one of the hands repeatedly towards the referee team.”says the summary signed by Bráulio.

The referee also reported insults from members of the Botafogo board and recorded a red card for Joel Carli, the club’s assistant coach, for complaints after the end of the match.

“During the journey to the access tunnel to the locker room, we were instructed by the police team (bepe) that provided security for the referee team inside the playing field, that we should wait for a few moments, as there had been a significant number of people inside from the mixed zone that were not related and/or accredited to be in this sector. I also inform you that in addition to this reason, there was a request to wait longer due to the displacement of police officers from the mixed area to the lower east sector to contain confrontation between saf fans Botafogo and private security and police who were on site.

As we approached the side of the playing field, we were instructed to get down accompanied by the police. When we approached the entrance to the tunnel leading to the changing rooms, several cups filled with unidentified liquid were thrown towards us from the west sector (the area designated for fans of the home team), and none of the thrown objects hit the referee team.

upon descending and entering the mixed area, we were approached by several people, these being directors, directors of saf botafogo and even security guards who attacked the refereeing team and began to push the police, in addition to protesting loudly and in a offensive and rude the following words: “tramp, thief, shameless, faggot, son of a bitch, came here to steal” repeatedly. This situation lasted until the end of the mixed zone, where the police managed to contain them and we were able to enter the referee’s dressing room.”

The directors identified by the referee were Vinícius Assumpção (Vice-president of Botafogo), André Mazzuco (Football Director of Botafogo) and Pedro Moreira (Football Manager of Botafogo).

1 of 1 Textor, owner of SAF do Botafogo, complains to the arbitration — Photo: André Durão
Textor, owner of SAF do Botafogo, complains about the arbitration — Photo: André Durão

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