Anesthetist is arrested for raping patient during childbirth in RJ | Brazil

Anesthetist is arrested for raping patient during childbirth in RJ | Brazil
Anesthetist is arrested for raping patient during childbirth in RJ | Brazil

Paulo Moura – 07/11/2022 08:26 | updated on 07/11/2022 08:36

Anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Photo: Personal Archive

Anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was arrested in the early hours of Monday (11) for raping a patient while she was drugged and undergoing a cesarean section at a hospital in the city of São João de Meriti, in Baixada Fluminense.

Suspicions about Giovanni began after health professionals noticed that he used an abnormal amount of anesthesia on patients. In addition, the nursing team noticed, in other procedures, unusual body movements made by him during the surgeries. With that, the team decided to put a cell phone to record what Giovanni was doing.

It was then that, in the recording that reached the police, the anesthesiologist was caught putting his penis in the mouth of a patient while he was participating in her delivery. Delegate Bárbara Lomba, from the Women’s Office of São João de Meriti, highlighted the importance of the work of health professionals for Giovanni’s arrest.

– It is very important that we highlight the work of a nursing team from the Hospital da Mulher here in São João de Meriti, exemplary citizens and health professionals, who noticed, in other surgeries, the movement of the doctor’s body, the author of the crime. And, so that there was proof, they decided to position a cell phone in a way that it could not be seen – he pointed out.

In a note, the Health Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Secretary of State for Health stated that they repudiate the doctor’s conduct and that they are collaborating with the investigation. In addition, the two institutions informed that an investigation will be opened to take administrative measures.

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