Riverdale’s Ryan Grantham faces life in prison after pleading guilty to mother’s murder

Crime happened in March 2020.

Last Thursday (22), the actor Ryan Granthamin riverdale and diary of a Wimpy Kidwas sentenced to life in prison for killing his own mother in March 2020. Furthermore, he plotted to kill the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Grantham reportedly shot his mother in the head with a shotgun, Barbara Waite, while she played the piano at home. According to CBC Newsthe actor allegedly pleaded guilty to the murder, and the verdict – which was handed down by the British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver – makes him ineligible for parole for the first fourteen years of the sentence.

according to Complex CanadaAfter killing his mother, Ryan reportedly loaded three guns, ammunition, camping equipment, twelve Molotov cocktails, and a map with directions to his home in his car. Justin Trudeau. He didn’t go to the prime minister’s house, but ended up turning himself in to Vancouver police.

Furthermore, in some videos acquired during the interrogation, Ryan confesses that he has already thought about doing a shooting at his college, the Simon Frases University.

Ryan Grantham in a scene from Riverdale

Among Grantham’s acting credits, we have small appearances in series like Supernatural and iZombie, in addition to movies like The Path of Evil and Marley & Me 2: Troublemaker Puppy.

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