Income Tax Refund 2022: See the 5th Batch

Income Tax Refund 2022: See the 5th Batch
Income Tax Refund 2022: See the 5th Batch

The Federal Revenue releases this Friday (23) at 10 am the consultation of the fifth and final batch of the 2022 Income Tax refund. See below how to know if you were included in this batch to receive the money. If you were not included in any batch, it is likely that you fell into the fine mesh of the IRS because some inconsistency was found in your declaration (see what to do in this case).

The fifth batch will be paid on September 30 to 1,220,501 taxpayers, in the amount of RS 1.9 billion. Of this total, BRL 221,130,324.62 refers to taxpayers who have legal priority – 5,201 are elderly people over 80 years of age, 36,492 between 60 and 79 years of age, 4,247 with some physical or mental disability or serious illness and 15,378 whose main source income is the teaching profession.

They will also receive 1,159,183 non-priority taxpayers. The money will be credited to the account informed by the taxpayer at the time of the declaration.

With the payment of this lot, the Revenue says that it completes the payments of all refunds this year that did not present inconsistencies.

Consult the 5th batch of the Income Tax Refund: How do I know if I will receive it?

To find out if your payment will be released in this batch, you must access the Revenue website and inform the CPF number (without number separators, dots or dashes) and the date of birth (by typing only the numbers, without the slashes).

The date of birth must be entered with two digits for the day, two for the month and four for the year.

Where will the income tax refund money be deposited?

Payment of the refund is made directly to the bank account informed in the income tax return.

What to do if the 2022 Income Tax refund money doesn’t make it into the account?

If, for some reason, the credit is not carried out (for example, the informed account has been deactivated), the amounts will be available for redemption for up to one year at Banco do Brasil.

In this case, it is possible to reschedule the credit of the amounts through the BB portal or through the telephones of the bank’s relationship center, through the numbers 4004-0001 for capitals, 0800-729-0001 for other locations or 0800-729-0088, a special telephone exclusively for hearing impaired people.

Income Tax refund payment schedule

Payments vary according to the date of delivery of the income tax return. Whoever delivered first, receives first.

The first batch was paid on May 31, intended for taxpayers who have preference in payment, such as the elderly, people with disabilities and teachers, as well as taxpayers who sent the declaration at the beginning of the submission deadline, in March.

The second was paid on June 30 to taxpayers who submitted their Income Tax return until March 18 of this year. The third batch was paid on July 29 and included taxpayers who submitted the declaration by May 2 of this year.

The fourth batch was paid on August 31 and included taxpayers who submitted the declaration by May 29.

See the dates:

  • 1st batch: May 31 (already paid)
  • 2nd batch: June 30 (already paid)
  • 3rd batch: July 29 (already paid)
  • 4th batch: August 31 (already paid)
  • 5th batch: September 30

A common question of who is entitled to a refund is knowing exactly when it will be paid. Unfortunately, the IRS does not release this information in advance. You need to check in the inquiry for each batch that your refund has been included.

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