Malafaia, on a trip with Bolsonaro: “Question of the Christian religion”


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Pastor Silas Malafaia (photo) was asked by the press this Monday (19) about his role in Bolsonaro’s entourage that traveled to London, to accompany the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. He replied:

“As it is a single trip, so we are in the entourage. […] Noin my view, I think the president brought in a pastor and a priest for this issue of the Christian religion, about death and eternal life. It’s what I think”he said, referring to Father Paulo Antonio de Araújo, who also traveled to England.

“Any president includes people in his entourage, anywhere in the world. He won’t call an enemy to accompany the trip, do you agree with me? Whoever is on the plane are people of relationship”added Malafia, who was in front of the house of the Brazilian ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The pastor also complained about the press coverage, saying that she It is “political activist”. He complained about criticism of Bolsonaro’s speech on September 7 about being “unbroken” and said that the president’s statement was just a joke on the side of the first lady.

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