Justin Bieber Cancels All World Tour Shows

The next words will not be easy to read or digest. The information that was published in this column exclusively and discredited by many was confirmed this Sunday (4/9): to take care of his mental health, which is going through a delicate moment, Justin Bieber canceled the next shows of the Justice World Tour, including those that would take place in São Paulo, on the 14th and 15th of September.

Ana Clara stated: “As you have seen, Justin is going through some health problems, he canceled the other shows but insisted on keeping his performance at Rock in Rio.”


Justin bieberReproduction / Instagram


Justin bieberReproduction / Instagram

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Justin bieberJustin-Bieber-Show

Justin bieberReproduction / Instagram


Justin bieber reproduction


Sources in the column even say that this should be the singer’s last show for a long time. As this space reported last Friday (2/9), the decision did not come overnight. Justin had already notified the Rock in Rio team that he was not feeling psychologically prepared to go up to the Mundo Stage this Sunday or continue with the tour. Until last Thursday (31/8), it was not known for sure if the singer would perform at the festival. Finally, it was decided that he will perform at Rock in Rio and then return to Los Angeles to take care of himself.

In this way, today’s show is maintained, while the shows that would take place in the next few days in São Paulo, on the 14th and 15th, were cancelled.

The column, which works daily with the fan-idol relationship, offers its solidarity to the singer’s fans who would go to the shows. We wish the singer a speedy recovery.

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