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Juvi is a music producer that is a hit on social media

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@eujuliovictor

The music producer Júlio Victor, 31 years old, produces a very diverse content. From great musical productions to evaluations on the best ways to relieve yourself in the bathroom, through social and psychological analyzes of great works of art… The influencer navigates between the cult and the absurd, as she says, with lightness and naturalness.

The content format he recently decided to bet on has become his trademark in recent months. In an almost cynical way, juvias it is known in social networks, organizes in rankings the most diverse types of objects, events, manias and any other things that arise in your mind. The description, always in fancy words, draws attention to the unexpected — and that’s what’s funny.

An example of this is when he listed the best “anesthetic swearing”. To use the creator’s words: “the one you scream to relieve the pain when you tap your little finger on the corner”.

“It has a Freudian perspective, a regression, a dematerialization, a return to intrauterine comfort that really relieves pain”, he says when he lists one of the best in the TOP 5 that, for obvious reasons, will not be mentioned here.

“I like the idea of ​​talking about atrocities in a cultured way. I like these contrasts”, he reveals in an interview with Terra. “I use a fancy vocabulary that often doesn’t even exist, some neologisms in the fucking fashion. I think that’s part of the fun.”

At the same time, Juvi ponders that not all of its content is a joke in itself.

“I’m not a comedian and I don’t even have that pretension. It’s the way I talk, it’s my opinions, in fact, about things. When I say that the loud burp is the best burp, it’s precisely because that’s what I like to give”, he assures.

Spontaneity is a non-negotiable criterion for the videos, which have already earned him 122,000 followers on Twitter, 266,000 on Instagram and an incredible 1.4 million on TikTok. Daily, these people follow the daydreams and improvised reflections of Juvi, who has already received about 50 million likes on TikTok.

All this success, on the other hand, didn’t come from the viralization of just a single content format. The recent backlash came after eight years of working on the internet.

“[O ranking] it’s kind of a result of it all [trabalhos anteriores]. It has a little bit of social analysis, a little bit of humour, a little bit of random stuff, everyday and modernity,” he describes.

The beginning on the Internet

Juvi is from Volta Redonda, in the interior of Rio, but has been living in São Paulo for about a year. Before identifying herself as a digital influencer and content producer for the internet, she is a music producer. His most recent work was on the soundtrack for the Cellbit RPG, ‘Paranormal Order’.

It was even the music production that made her create her YouTube channel in 2014.

“I talked a lot about music, essentially. But as time went by, I opened my mind to other questions. […] I stopped talking only about music/sound and started talking about meanings, contexts, more internal, social and psychological issues that exist in the songs”, he explains.

Juvi is a sound designer and produces the soundtrack for the famous RPG

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@eujuliovictor

Like thousands of Brazilians, it was in the context of the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic that she discovered the TikTok app. Initially, just consuming. “Occasionally, I would record a video of fun, but I continued to produce my more complex videos for YouTube”, she recalls.

The videos on the new platform were always humorous, unlike their content in longer videos. Its content, then, began to be shaped gradually, with Juvi experimenting with whatever he wanted to do at that moment.

Simple lists of absolutely anything like floor types and stair types evolved into the famous Top 5. The definitive insight into the format was a conversation with friends over a barbecue.

“We were talking about the ways that boyfriends and girlfriends call each other. We were listing the worst ones. The other day I made it and this video already worked very well”, he recalls.

Today, there is a video of Juvi that reaches 35 million views on TikTok. The success opened the doors to companies that, interested in the producer’s reach and acid sincerity, hire her for differentiated advertising.

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You may have noticed that we introduced Juvi with a name that commonly identifies people as male, but we treat her as female – even now. And, no, it’s not carelessness. Juvi recognizes herself as a non-binary person and accepts all pronouns, but prefers to be referred to in the feminine.

This self-discovery was made gradually, during a long process in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Many things told me, since I was a child, that I was not at zero or one, black or white”, he explains. “Then, when I understood myself, I started to allow myself to do things that I hadn’t done before. Things from the outside that made me understand better on the inside”, she reveals, citing painting her nails and wearing “feminine” clothes.

This change was also happening in front of the cameras. “Whoever follows me understands me little by little”, says Juvi.

Even by sharing this process, she feels free to answer the many questions from her followers, but avoids this subject becoming the focus of her production.

“Although I think it’s really cool who does this, because it’s essential and we need information, I don’t want to become a non-binary person talking about non-binary,” he says. “I like the fact that the person follows me because of the content, and when they see it, they love a profile of a non-binary person. I want it to be this natural way.”

*With editing by Estela Marques.

The article is in Portuguese

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