Who is Bin? Rapper from Rio will take ‘suffering trap’ to Rock in Rio this Saturday | Rock in Rio 2022

Who is Bin? Rapper from Rio will take ‘suffering trap’ to Rock in Rio this Saturday | Rock in Rio 2022
Who is Bin? Rapper from Rio will take ‘suffering trap’ to Rock in Rio this Saturday | Rock in Rio 2022

Trap was born narrating the hard life on the streets of Atlanta, USA, but it can also sing about the hardships of love in Rio de Janeiro. Bin, 22, broke through by joining the subgenre of American rap with a carioca accent, unafraid to assume that he is part of the group of passionate MCs.

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Bin has hits like “Marília Mendonça”, which earned the nickname “trap of suffering”, “Saturno”, with a pagode-inspired melody, and “Castelo de praia”, more in the pattern of the American beat, but with a hint of romanticism and even to the pop of TikTok dances.

Bin is from Belford Roxo, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio. He started to like rap listening to Marcelo D2. But in his house other sounds from Rio could also be heard. “Grupo Disfarce, these people are really melodic, more romantic, you know? Nowadays I’m listening to Dilsinho a lot”, he says.

“I had it in my head that I was going to write lyrics that the footprint would be kind of an old pagoda. I listened to a lot of pagoda and the guys talked about it a lot. The novels like that. And that’s how I wrote ‘Saturn'”, Bin tells about one of his most played songs.

2 of 2 Bin — Photo: Cadu Andrade / Publicity

Bin — Photo: Cadu Andrade / Publicity

But Bin’s biggest hit to date is the “trap of suffering”, “Marília Mendonça”, from May 2020. He says he wrote the song “meio unintentionally”.

The association is not random. Since its origins in the USA, trap has heavy and dark beats and lyrics and also has room for melancholy.

“I was starting to write my album (“For all the women I’ve rhymed”). I wrote two songs, sent them to a friend of mine and commented to him: my album is getting very ‘suffering’, even sounding like Marília Mendonça. That’s when I got the idea,” he says.

“I said: ‘Gee, that’s it, I’m going to make a song in honor of her. And it worked”. Bin’s song has been played more than 42 million times on YouTube, a figure worthy of Marília herself (“Calway Swap”, a track that the countrywoman released two months ago, has the same number of views).

Bin saw a rap scene in which “nobody says, ‘Oh, I suffer.’ ‘Oh, my wife cheated on me.’ “Then I wanted to try to face it. Show that the opposite also happens, and that we are not less of a man because of it.”

“Not only the rap scene, but our country is very similar, right? Man can do everything. And I wanted to show that the opposite also happens. He also suffers”, says Bin.

“And when we hurt, sometimes we don’t want to hurt. We are also human, we feel it too. We love too”, he reflects.

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