Anitta abuses the transparency in click with dug piece and almost shows too much

anita drew eyes on her social media by sharing a stunning click on her Instagram account. Last Wednesday night (31) the singer sensualized in a photo posted on his Instagram account and took his fans and followers to ecstasy.

In the image, the artist who last weekend received the Best Latin Music Video of the night, at the 2022 VMAs (Video Music Awards)bet on a very transparent piece.



Revealing your intimate colony, Anitta appeared wearing a hollowed out and very transparent bodysuitcollecting praise from fans and followers through the comments. “Always ready with @puzzybyanitta”, she wrote in the caption of the post, which had more than 500 thousand likes.

“Wonderful,” wrote one user. “Powerful Mami,” said one follower. “Beautiful,” said one user. “My God, what a woman”, drooled a fan of the singer. “What a woman my God,” commented one user.

Check out Anitta’s post on social media:

DJ remembered Anitta and Jojo’s fight

Recently, DJ Batata opened up the game and told about a controversy in the past involving singers Anitta and Jojo Todynho. Participating in the Link Podcast podcast, on Youtube, the musician who was a great success in the rise of funk in the 90s, explained the disagreement between the two singers.

DJ Batata said that the fight between the two began after it was reported that Jojo Todynho was detonating Anitta in message groups: “We don’t know who is the friend and who is the enemy. Preta, with whom I’ve been close for a long time, called me saying that she never had this”, he started.

“Then there was another person saying that it was true, that there was a way to prove it. There are a lot of fake people in music. People change and when you’re high it’s different

Although they are still fighting after the whole situation, DJ Batata believes that the two artists will still rekindle their friendship. In addition, the artist said that the two were very connected and had a very strong friendship bond.

I believe, above all, for the affection that one always had with the other. I got tired of witnessing them making video calls at dawn, us on the road, at the airport. They were always talking. It was not a superficial friendship”, concluded the artist.

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