10 interesting facts about music’s biggest award that you didn’t know


Everything you need to know about the most important award show in the music industry!

With a date set to take place in February 4thO Grammy 2024 promises to bring together – and reward, of course – the best in the music industry over the last year. Artists like Lana Del Rey, SZA and Taylor Swift are just some of the names that received nominations for 66th edition of the award, but are you up to date with the history of the award?

In this list, you will find out 10 interesting facts about music’s biggest award that probably didn’t even cross your mind!

The first edition of the Grammy

Traditional music awards, the Grammy Awards have a long history that began in May 4, 1959date of first edition of the event that took place in Los Angeles (USA). In total, they were considered 28 categories and the big winner that night in the category Album of the Year was the composer Henry Mancini by disk The Music from Peter Gunn.

The Grammys’ first live broadcast

Although its first edition took place in 1959, the first live broadcast of the Grammys only took place with the 13th edition of the award, in 1971at the Hollywood Palladiumone of the most renowned theaters in Los Angeles.

Why is it called the Grammys?

The answer is simpler than it seems: the name Grammy is basically an affectionate nickname for the word gramophonean invention that revolutionized the history of music — as the object had the ability to record and reproduce sounds — and which influenced the creation of the design of the golden artifact that celebrates the award winners.

The weight of the Grammy

While we’re talking about the award itself, it’s worth mentioning the weight of the golden gramophone that the artists lift during their victory speeches. In total, the artifact weighs 6 poundswhich is equivalent to a little more than 2.5kg.

And here’s another interesting fact about the figurine: it is made of a material called grammiuma combination of zinc with an aluminum metal alloy, in addition to being gold-plated.

Three US presidents have won a Grammy

The Grammys don’t just live on musicians: three presidents of the United States They already took home a golden gramophone, and they are: Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter It is Bill Clinton. The trio won the award in the category of Best Spoken Album.

The youngest and oldest winner

What were you doing when you had 14 years deity? The country music singer LeAnn Rimes was winning a Grammy, becoming the youngest person to win an award in the event’s history.

The oldest person to receive the honor was the blues pianist Pinetop Perkins. He had 97 years.

Billie Elish is the youngest artist to win the Best Album of the Year category

Now, when we’re talking about the youngest artist to take home the award for Best Album of the Yearthe most important and coveted Grammy category, the record is in the hands of the award-winning singer Billie Eilish. She won the prize when she was just 18 yearsin 2020, for his debut album, the When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?.

It is worth remembering that, until then, the record was Taylor Swiftwhich emerged victorious in the category when it had 20 years of age in 2010.

Michael Jackson and Santana broke the record for most awards won in one night

The singer Michael Jackson and the band Santana They are record holders when it comes to the most awards won in a single night at the Grammy Awards. Both won eight awards in total in just one edition of the event, with Jackson winning in 1984 and Santana in 2000.

U2 is the band that won the most at the awards

The Irish of U2 They are also record holders at the Grammy Awards. With 22 awards achieved, the group entered the history of the event as the band that won the most statuettes at the awards.

The number of entries could fill a stadium

It’s a long road before an artist gets a nomination for the Grammy Awards: before reaching the official list of nominees (if the person or band achieves the feat), music professionals need to go through an application process that could very well fill a Stadium.

Annually, the Grammy committee receives on average more than 20 thousand entries from composers, producers, sound engineers and others for each award category.

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