Red Hot Chili Peppers played only 1 of their 5 most listened to songs in concert

Red Hot Chili Peppers played only 1 of their 5 most listened to songs in concert
Red Hot Chili Peppers played only 1 of their 5 most listened to songs in concert

While passing through Brazil, the Red Hot Chili Peppers He has only played two shows in the country so far but has already attracted a lot of attention from fans due to his unique setlist.

As we told you here, the repertoire in Brasília this Tuesday (7) was quite different from the opening performance in Rio de Janeiro on the 4th and many people were irritated for not having heard their favorite songs from the band in the capital of country.

Faced with the curious situation, TMDQA! went after RHCP’s numbers on Spotify and confirmed that, of the Californian group’s five most played songs on the streaming service, only one hit by the Chili Peppers made the setlist in Brasília.

In this case, we are talking about the anthem “Californication”which accumulated 1,232,555,969 reproductions on Spotify at the time of writing, placing second in the ranking.

Ahead of the iconic single from the album of the same name released in 1999 is just “Under the Bridge”, with 1,234,304,373 plays on the platform. The album track Blood Sugar Sex Magic (1991) was left out of Red Hot’s second show in the country in 2023 and caused a large part of the complaints from Brasilia residents, as it was in the written setlist and was changed at the last minute by “I Could Have Lied”.

Red Hot Chili Peppers exclude hits while visiting Brasília

In third position of the band’s songs Anthony Kiedis most played on Spotify appeared “Can’t Stop”, which totals 1,024,560,812 reproductions and was also no longer presented in Brasília; the same happened with positions four and five of the most played, “Snow (Hey Oh)” It is “Otherside”with 968,490,310 plays and 870,953,480 executions, respectively.

All three, it is worth highlighting, were cut from the repertoire in the Federal District and, as you can see in the tweet at the end of the article, the list of the most listened to is completed by “Scar Tissue”, “Dani California”, “By the Way” It is “Give It Away”. These, yes, appeared in the Brasília show.

What’s next for the presentations in São Paulo (10/11), Curitiba (13) and Porto Alegre (16)?

RHCP setlist has been significantly modified

The current Red Hot Chili Peppers tour has had shows lasting an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes and no performance should follow the same repertoire.

In Rio de Janeiro, for example, the opening was made with “Can’t Stop”, while in Brasília the song was changed to “Around the World”; in the same way, “The Zephyr Song” was replaced by “Scar Tissue”, “Snow (Hey Oh)” by “Dani California”, “Otherside” by “Universally Speaking” and “Under the Bridge” for “I Could Have Lied.”

So many emotions!

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