Simone Mendes makes open letter after solo career awards


On the night of Tuesday, November 7th, the 30th edition of the Multishow Awards took place, held at the Arena, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, rewarding the biggest names in Brazilian music today, and Simone Mendes won in two categories with “Erro Gostoso (Ao Vivo)”, “Hit of the Year” and “Sertanejo of the Year”.

After this great victory, the singer wrote an open letter on her official Instagram profile, in which she comments on the achievement and opens her heart for her happiness in having her attention and work recognized in such a glorious way in the midst of her solo career, after separating. in Simaria.

“OPEN LETTER STRAIGHT FROM MY HEART: I don’t even know what to say about this moment, about everything that’s happening in my life. I only know how to thank God for everything, for He is always by my side at all times during my journey”, she began.

“A movie always plays in my head at every special moment in my history, where I remember my childhood spent sparsely mining with my family without knowing what we had to eat the other day, living in a shack made of canvas, and today living moments of achievements where God puts me once again at the top with a beautiful family, indescribable fans and together with so many other great artists of our national music”, he assessed.

Honor and effort

Simone continued: “I feel honored to be alongside the great names that Brazil loves and admires so much in music. It was a cry when I entered the top 200 of the most played songs in the country, it was a cry when I reached the top 150, top 100, top 50 and top 1 on all platforms in the country with the song that changed the history of my album ‘Cintilante’” .

“It’s been 30 years of singing, it’s not overnight that you achieve something, there were many roads, many nights of sleep lost away from family, often not knowing when I would return home, but it was worth it”, he declared.

“I have the best fans in the world, a team that works day and night to help me reach heights in my solo career that I wouldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams,” she assured.

“It won the Multishow award twice with ‘Hit of the Year’ and ‘Sertaneja of the Year’. Thank you to my family, my fans, my entire team, my label, my manager, and everyone who believed. We did it!!! My word today is just one: GRATITUDE!”, concluded Simone Mendes.

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