The sad drama of one of the greatest composers of Brazilian music

The musician and poet Luiz Galvão87 years old, one of the founders of the group New baianos and its main lyricist, was submitted, on Tuesday 20, to vascular surgery at Incor (Instituto do Coração), in São Paulo, after suffering a heart attack. The artist’s son, Kashi Galvão, told VEJA that the surgery went well and that the father is intubated and sedated, but that his health is stable.

Until he reached the operating room, however, Galvão faced a real ordeal in the hospitals of São Paulo. After feeling sick, on Tuesday 13th, he was taken to the hospital, but he was discharged the next day. On the same day, he had a relapse and returned to the hospital, being admitted directly to the ICU of the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo, where it was found that he had suffered a heart attack. Family members immediately started a campaign to raise money to help the musician, who is experiencing financial difficulties. Galvão is diabetic, has heart disease and was already facing sequelae from another heart attack, suffered in 2017.

The kitty soon received famous fans, such as Luiz Caldas, Raimundo Fagner, Davi Moraes (son of Moraes Moreira, his former partner in Novos Baianos), Zélia Duncan, Ivete Sangalo, Arnaldo Antunes, Fernanda Montenegro, Teresa Cristina and actor Lúcio Mauro. Son. “I ask everyone who can help the family through this difficult time”, wrote Luiz Caldas. “Beloved poet Luiz Galvão, founder of Novos Baianos, is under special care and in need of help from fans and friends. Shall we enter this current? If you can, make a donation using the PIX key 19292988549. There is nothing better than taking care of the masters”, said Lúcio Mauro Filho.

According to Kashi, it was thanks to the help of businesswoman Paula Lavigne (Caetano Veloso’s wife) and singer Marisa Monte – who interceded with doctor Ludhmila Hajjar – that Galvão finally managed to be transferred to Incor, where he is hospitalized. “The fight starts now. We’re going to need all the help we can get post-op,” Kashi said.

Born in Juazeiro (BA), Luiz Galvão founded the Novos Baianos in Salvador, when he met Baby do Brasil, Pepeu Gomes and Paulinho Boca de Cantor. Songs such as It’s over crying, Mystery of the Planet, The girl dances, Black Black and beast is you.

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