Simaria lowers her robe, leaves her breasts escaping and Brazil is euphoric

Singer leaves audience euphoric due to beauty

simaria became one of the big names in music due to the extinct duo with his sister, Simone. However, it’s not just her voice that catches the attention of her thousands of fans.

That’s because, the singer also leaves everyone drooling when sharing her clicks on social networks.

This Thursday, the 22nd, the artist paralyzed Brazil by lowering her blouse and letting her giant breasts escape.

In the click, Simaria is wearing an unbuttoned yellow blouse. With a sexy look and with her hands in front of her breasts, she left the audience euphoric.

In a few minutes, Simaria’s publication had hundreds of likes and comments on Twitter, with much praise for the singer.

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Delicious“, said one. “Perfect as always”, said another. “I melt for her beauty” admitted another.

Simaria leaves the audience drooling with a click (Reproduction)


However, this was not the first time that the singer left everyone with their mouths open due to her bold clicks.

Currently, the famous has deleted her Instagram posts. But, it was normal to see her publish essays that raised the temperature.

At 40 years old, Simaria proves that she has everything in place every day. Recently, she appeared fully in front of the mirror to the sound of “Foi Pá Pum”.


At the time, the singer was wearing only a tiny nude lingerie and high heels.

In the recording, Simaria comes walking towards the mirror showing off her beautiful curves and shocked fans by zooming in on her voluminous breasts.

“Good evening!

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