The 6 greatest Brazilian music videos of all time | Song

The 6 greatest Brazilian music videos of all time | Song
The 6 greatest Brazilian music videos of all time | Song

“The music video is important for its visual appeal”, summarizes Rafael Chioccarello, editor-in-chief and founder of Hits Perdidos, as well as an expert on the subject. “This happens cyclically in the history of music, from the image of the Beatles, from the preoccupation with fashion as an attitude, as is the case with the Sex Pistols, to the iconic expressiveness of artists like David Bowie and Madonna. Visual appeal is often our first. contact with the work of an artist”, he explains.

Since the height of music video culture with MTV at the turn of the millennium and the emergence of social platforms, new creative mechanisms have reshaped what we think about music videos. This includes Instagram teasers, VR clips, and experiments like Not even a bit. “[Duda Beat] partnered with influencer Fefe on the video network, which tells horror stories, to encourage the influencer’s fan base to go after the new clip”, says the expert.

What remains over the years, however, is the music video’s ability to tell a story of its own. no wonder, Diary of an inmateof the Racionais MC and My soul, d’O Rappa are at the top of our selection of the best Brazilian clips of all time, cited by most of the 10 members of our jury. Despite the choice of simple black and white in both films, they weave complex tales about prison life and childhood – and violence – in the favela, whose powers escape the music itself.

Clip is also trending. It’s something that comes from Madonna’s questioning experiments in Like a Prayer and who continues to travel in productions such as go naughtyby Anitta (another of the hits in our selection), which takes the way of life of the Rio de Janeiro outskirts to the world, in addition to taking the already iconic insulating tape bikini to its peak.

Although not included in the final selection, emicida emerges as one of the frequent names among the jurors. Alone responds to 4 mentions, which exalt three of his clips: Good Hope, Chrysanthemum and Yellow. If added to your project with O Terno, Tim Bernardes ends at the front in volume of mentions (5) and cited clips: Restart and Born, Live, Die (both from his solo career), in addition to Oh, oh, how I delude myself and I don’t wait anymore (from your band)

O Rappa – My Soul (6 mentions)

The tragedy told almost exclusively by images in My soul starts with child’s play and ends with a close-up of a revolver. The 1999 clip, directed by Katia Lund, put O Rappa definitively on the map with a video that André Vaisman, former director of journalism at MTV Brasil, describes as “practically a documentary”: “The kids who go for a walk in beach and in fact will never get there”, he summarizes.

Racionais Mc’s – Diary of an inmate (6 mentions)

8 minutes composed almost completely by scenes recorded inside the now deactivated Carandiru, in São Paulo, made history in the national music video. When Racionais and director Maurício Eça released the clip in 1998 – which features verses by Josemir Prado – it wasn’t exactly what you saw in a zap on MTV. In the end, he became a reference that would be used for years on end by other groups and collectives of the genre.

Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu (5 mentions)

Atomic Maracatu, by Chico Science and Nação Zumbi, and its setting with the air of Brazilian Mad Max, served as the final point for the open channel of MTV Brasil in 2013, being the last clip shown by the network. “This song has a visceral power,” said presenter Cuca Lazarotto before presenting the clip. Undoubtedly, the visuals of maracatu They are not far behind in terms of viscerality.

Paralamas do Sucesso – She Said Goodbye (4 mentions)

She said goodbye, by Paralamas (from 1998), is an example of how visuals can play with music – the song about the end of a relationship finds the imagery of the perfect American couple, filtered through the silent film universe, in a fun mix. The presence of Fernanda Torres in the role of the vengeful wife is the icing on the cake. “It evokes the beginnings of cinema”, summarizes former VJ Marina Person. “It’s a really good idea and super well executed.”

Anitta – Vai malandra (4 mentions)

In 2017, go naughty marked Anitta’s triumphant return to funk, the genre that launched her into the world a few years ago. Morro do Vidigal appears in the clip as a stage not only for an Anitta covered in oil and wearing the already famous ribbon bikini, but also for MC Zaac, Jojo Toddynho, the model Pietro Baltazar (who came to be nicknamed Justin Bieber from Vidigal) and the Tropkillaz crew. A clip with power to spare.

Duda Beat feat. Clover – Not a Little Bit (3 mentions)

Like this She said goodbye, Not even a bita partnership between Duda Beat and rapper Trevo, pays homage to cinema – this time, American canned horror and science fiction from the 80s and 90s. The crazy love story told by the song is interpreted in the clip by vampires and mutants, entitled to the São Paulo version of the classic bicycle flight ET the alien. The clip was directed by Gustavo Moraes and Marco Lafer (the duo Alaska), who worked with Luísa Sonza, Pabllo Vittar and Anitta in turbo mode.

Of these 6 selected, which one is victorious as the best video clip of all? Leave your opinion and see the vote of the netizens. In the window below, click on the side scroll and scroll down to find the options.

The jury was made up of 10 names from the Brazilian music industry, newsroom specialists and pop names from TV and podcasts. In total, 67 clips were cited – the selection above considered the ‘top of mind’, that is, those with the most mentions from our judges.

To compose the election, each one sent us their Top 10, without a specific order, which you can see below:

Daniel Ganjaman
Four-time Latin Grammy-nominated music producer

Emicida – Good Hope
O Rappa – My Soul (The Peace I Don’t Want)
Racionais Mc’s – Diary of a Detainee
Grave – Ratamahatta
Tim Bernardes – Restart
Criolo – Boca de Lobo
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
Planet Hemp – Burning Everything
Baco Exu do Blues – Bluesman
Baiana System – Reza Forte

André Vaisman
Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Caos in the 1980s, he also led the journalism department at MTV Brasil

Ney Matogrosso – South America
Marina Lima – Girl from Ipanema
Caetano Veloso – The foreigner
Paralamas do Sucesso – She said goodbye
Skank – National Girl
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
The Rappa – My Soul
Racionais MC’s – Diary of an inmate
Anitta – Go, malandra
Iza – Faith

Kenya Sade
Head of the Trace Brasil channel and host of the Tô Na Trace podcast

Baco Exu Do Blues – Bluesman
Gilberto Gil – Kaya N Gan Daya
Liniker – Baby 95
Xênia France – Ship
Emicida – Chrysanthemum
Gaby Amarantos Ft. Jaloo – Bye
Chico César – Mama Africa
Chico Science and Nação Zumbi – Manguetown
Dona Onete – Shark Party
Tassia Reis – Good Morning

Marina Person
Former MTV VJ, presenter of Cinedrops on Rádio Eldorado

Marisa Monte – Follow the Dry
Caetano Veloso – Out of Order
Chico César – Mama Afrika
Rappa – My soul
Duck Fu – Made in Japan
Racionais MCs – Diary of an inmate
Paralamas do Sucesso – She Said Goodbye
Urban Legion – Will
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
Titans – Epitaph

Duda Dello Russo
Creator of the Trindade das Perucas, Tell Me a Gossip and Disk Bicha podcasts

Xênia França – Why do you call me
Gloria Groove – The Fall
Uriah – Devil
Anita – Vai Malandra
Duda Beat – Not at all
The suit – Oh, oh, how I delude myself
Sandy and Junior – Wasted
Emicida – Good Hope
Criolo – Obtuse System
Supercombo – Asbestos

Aunt Muller
Presenter and Former MTV VJ

Rappa – My soul
The suit – Oh, oh, how I delude myself
Francisco El Hombre – Sad, mad or bad
Zombie Nation – Manguetown
Pablo Vittar – Invincible
Gabriel Pensador – Pipe of Peace
Paralamas do Sucesso – She said goodbye
Racionais MCs – Diary of an inmate
The girls – Xibom bonbon
The most beautiful band in town – Last prayer

Rafael Chioccarello
Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Lost Hits

The Suit – I Wait No More
Luiza Lian – Iarinhas
Sky – Bodycontinent
Criolo & Tropkillaz – Obtuse System
Heavy Baile feat. Goes – Ciranda
Duda Beat feat. Clover – Not a Little
André Prando – Ghosts Maybe
Black Drawing Chalks – My Favorite Way
Charlie Brown Jr. – Today I Woke Up Happy (Golden Bell)
Skank – It’s A Football Match

Claudia Assef
Journalist, curator and founding partner of WME – Women’s Music Event

Francisco El Hombre and La Pegatina – Solo muere el que se olvida
Gloria Groove – Red
Iza – Faith
Nego Bala – Dreams
King’s Suit – Days of Youth
Gilsons – For us to wake up
Tim Bernardes – Born, Live, Die
Luana Flores – Futuristic Northeast
Rachel Reis – My little love
Anitta – Boys don’t cry

Daniel Bergamasco
Content Director at GQ Brasil

Anita – Go, Malandra
Grave – Territory
Racionais MC’s – Diary of a Detainee
The Rappa – My Soul
Grave – Ratamahatta
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
I’m Tired of Being Sexy – Alala
Paralamas do Sucesso – She Said Goodbye
Raimundos – I Want to See the Hollow
Iza – Ginga

Amauri Terto
Social Media Editor at GQ Brasil

Racionais MC’s – Diary of an inmate
Anitta – Go, malandra
The Rappa – My Soul
Duda Beat – Not at all
Linn da Quebrada – Prayer
Marisa Monte – Follow the Dry
I’m Tired of Being Sexy – Alala
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
Heavy Baile feat. Goes – Ciranda
Emicida – AmarElo

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