Paula Fernandes fears that women will lose space in country music

Paula Fernandes is considered one of the forerunners of the feminejo movement, which gave space to great female voices in country music. In an exclusive interview with the owner of this column, the singer reflected on this and expressed concern about the possibility of women losing ground.

“It opened this huge path for Marília, Maiara [& Maraisa], Simone & Simaria, for this whole group, and I hope that it gets stronger every day. One thing that I now realize is that, for example, in concerts, we feel that they want to push women aside and we can’t let them. I think it’s time for us to get stronger, because now I’m not alone and they’re not alone, we have each other”, reflected Paula.

singer Paula Fernandes

Paula Fernandes in an interview with Leo Diasreproduction

Paula Fernandes wears jewelry by Paulo Teixeira (Reproduction: Instagram)

Paula Fernandes wears jewelry by Paulo Teixeira (Reproduction: Instagram)Paula Fernandes wears jewelry by Paulo Teixeira (Reproduction: Instagram)

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Paula FernandesPhoto: Playback/Instagram

Paula FernandesPaula Fernandes

Paula Fernandesreproduction

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The singer was also attentive to the new names that appear in the music scene. “There are a lot of new girls showing up. I’m one of those people who look, I think it’s pasta, each one has a little way of doing it”, she said.

“It’s good that someone came back there, who took all the beatings. I’m proud, but we can’t let the movement fall, we can’t let ourselves be crushed. We don’t want to take anyone’s place, but we want our place and we deserve it”, added Paula Fernandes.

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