hefty! You can’t imagine how much Justin Bieber earned to sing at Rock in Rio

hefty! You can’t imagine how much Justin Bieber earned to sing at Rock in Rio
hefty! You can’t imagine how much Justin Bieber earned to sing at Rock in Rio

Music is one of the arts that moves the population the most. In this way, many people not only love the songs but also move a lot of feelings for those who sing them.

With that, it’s easy to see people doing crazy things for their idols. Among them is spending large amounts and traveling a few kilometers to see them live. When they are international, the efforts can be much greater.

Find out what was the remuneration that the singer received – Image: Disclosure

Music at Rock in Rio

Recently, a large number of people showed all their passion for singers in one of the biggest music festivals in Brazil, namely Rock in Rio. The event is already well known by the population.

In it there is a great gathering of not only rock singers but also Brazilian MPB artists and even artists representing national and international pop.

Within this group is a singer long awaited by the audience of Rock in Rio. The Canadian Justin Bieber performed on the World Stage during the 4th of September. Some comments have surfaced about his health to be there.

However, many people wonder how much these artists earn to be able to offer good music to everyone present. The reality is that the payout is a real hefty one. Find out below how much Justin earned to participate in the show.

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Justin Bieber Payment

The population is very curious to know how much the singer Justin Bieber, 28 years old, received to sing his 23 songs in the Brazilian show of Cidade do Rock. After much searching for this information, some columnists ended up discovering the singer’s remuneration.

Justin Bieber received a total of 5 million dollars to be present on the World Stage of the event. This amount is equivalent to R$ 26 million. The man’s fans really enjoyed the singer’s appearance, but lamented the lack of possible surprises.

He arrived in the country just a few hours before he started singing. It landed at Rodrigo de Freitas, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. Next to him was his wife Hailey Bieber.

A very important issue to be commented on is that the news marked his last performance before his Justice World Tour was cancelled. The decision ended up shocking many people who did not expect this action.

After a few days of the presentation, the singer commented that after the show held at Cidade do Rock, exhaustion took over his body. With that he eventually realized that it was time to take a break from his tours so he could take care of his health.

The information was received with great sadness by the fans, however, they were all very understanding with the moment that the singer is facing.

Many Brazilians were waiting for the arrival of the 14th and 15th of September to watch the singer’s show in Brazil, where the tour would make a stop. Now, with the new news, the event has been canceled and many people don’t know what will happen.

Thus, those who missed the chance to see the Canadian on stage at Rock In Rio should wait for his improvement so that it is possible to know more about the singer’s upcoming appearances.

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