Have you ever thought about earning money just by listening to music? That’s what THESE apps promise

Have you ever thought about earning money just by listening to music? That’s what THESE apps promise
Have you ever thought about earning money just by listening to music? That’s what THESE apps promise

The financial crisis that Brazilians are currently facing is one of the worst in recent times. Salaries are not enough to cover basic expenses. Some people don’t even get a job.

For this reason, finding possibilities to earn money without leaving home is something that many people seek. Thus, the internet offers several options for users to make extra money.

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Extra money in app

We know that the internet is full of opportunities for those who need to earn money and are not getting a job. Therefore, there are a multitude of platforms that promise extra income for the person to perform small tasks.

Among the options are the applications and websites that the user receives simply to answer surveys, watch videos, perform small tasks and even listen to music.

Even though it sounds too good to be true, there are platforms that are widely used by the population. Below you can see some of the options.

Givvy Radios

This is one of the most popular and popular options. The site guarantees that people who are registered on their platform will be able to receive real cash rewards through PayPal.

In this way, in order to make an extra income, it is necessary to listen to the tracks that you want from the thousands that are available on radio stations in the initiative. Thus, this tool is only available for devices that work with Android system. To download visit https://bit.ly/3DFHlE2.


Another app that is also very successful among users is Swagbucks. It also aims to remunerate people who are listening to music through its platform.

However, this option also offers the possibility to perform other tasks that are available, such as playing some games or even watching videos.

Therefore, redemption also takes place via PayPal or through gift cards available in virtual stores. To learn more about the possibility visit https://www.swagbucks.com/.


The third and final option works quite differently. In this modality, the user needs to call the numbers available on the platform and listen to the indicated radio broadcasts.

In this way, the company exchanges the telephone bill credits for benefits. Thus, payment takes place in gift cards, balance or even Bitcoins. Interested parties can visit https://cash4minutes.com/.

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Necessary care

People looking for ways to make money on the internet need to understand some issues. That’s because this process can be quite dangerous, involving users in platforms and websites that can pose risks to the device and the individual’s data.
Therefore, it is important to always be aware when looking for this type of service on the internet. So, before starting to use any application, look for positive comments from users or even people who do not recommend the site. A good place to find real people commenting on the option is Reclame Aqui (https://www.reclameaqui.com.br/).

When using this type of service on your cell phone, always try to keep an antivirus on the device activated, thus avoiding contamination by possible malicious malware.

Finally, always read the terms of use before accepting them and starting to use the application. Information on data sharing is often included in these texts.

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