Eminem Says He Produced “Encore” While He Was A Drug Addict, Explains Why Album Is Not So Respected

Eminem talked about his 2004 album Encore.

In a new interview for XXL, Eminem recalled how leaks that surfaced before his fifth album Encore forced him to quickly remake parts of the album from scratch. “’Encore’ took a totally different trajectory because that project was during my addiction,” he said. “I was realizing addiction because of the pills. I was coming off of The Eminem Show and the 8 Mile soundtrack and I started recording and I had about seven or eight songs that were very much in line with what I do.”

He added: “But we ended up releasing these sounds as a bonus disc because the songs were leaked. If that hadn’t been leaked, Encore would have been a very different album.” Eminem went on to note that the tracks “We as Americans”, “Bully”, “Evil Deeds” and “Love You More” were among the songs that unfortunately leaked ahead of the album’s release, adding that the “level” of the project would be there with its praised “The Eminem Show” if the hits hadn’t leaked online.

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“The problem was that in the recording process, while I was getting more drug addicted, I was in a more goofy mood,” he said. Eminem. “So now, I’m going to do ‘Ass Like That’, ‘Big Weenie’, ‘Rain Man’, all those silly songs I’m writing in seconds at that moment. I was just writing and feeling good about what I’m doing because I had 20 Vicodin in me and that’s fun to do, and I’m having fun, so fuck it.”

He continued: “[Encore] it was released as a wake-up call, a sobering moment, because I was on a roll and somehow managed to get out of that phase. I didn’t know where to get the stuff back and I was angry about a lot of things, including the songs leaking because it changed the whole scene on that album. I still had “Like Toy Soldiers” and a few that I felt good about, but I knew in my heart of hearts that this is not the same quality as The Eminem Show.”

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