streets near the Pedreira will have roadblocks

The streets near the region of Pedreira Paulo Leminski may be slow this Wednesday (21), because of the concert of the band Guns N’ Roses in Curitiba. Traffic blocks can start at any time, depending on the concentration of people in the place. The presentation will be at 20:00, but the gates will open at 15:00.

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According to the city hall, traffic should slow down on the access roads to Pedreira through the neighborhoods of São Lourenço, Abranches, Taboão, São Francisco and Pilarzinho. Agents of the Superintendence of Transit (Setran) will be in the region to ensure safety when the public arrives.

Blockades will be made on the streets:

  • Rua Eugênio Flor (between Nilo Peçanha and Judge José Carlos Ribeiro Ribas)
  • Rua João Gava (between João Enéas de Sá and Nilo Peçanha)
  • Rua Antônio Krainski (between Nilo Peçanha and Benedito Correia de Freitas)
  • Rua João Enéas de Sá (between Nilo Peçanha and João Gava).

Residents of the region can access the blocked streets by presenting a credential or document proving residence in the perimeter.

Photo: Daniel Castellano/SMCS/Arquivo.

How to get

The bus lines heading to Pedreira Paulo Leminski are Nilo Peçanha and Interbairros II. João Enéas de Sá, Eugenio Flor and Antônio Krainski streets will be blocked from 8 am. Rua João Gava will be completely blocked as soon as there is a need, and it can happen from 10 am.

The bus lines that pass through the site, as well as the taxi rank, will be diverted to Rua Nilo Peçanha. Therefore, the circulation of any vehicle on Rua João Gava is prohibited until the Paulo Leminski Quarry is completely emptied, except for people with special needs, who will only have access to park their vehicles in previous locations.

Setran will direct traffic on the spot, parking will not be allowed on Rua João Gava, Rua da Pedreira. Taxis and transport apps will not be allowed to enter the lockdown areas.

There will be a departure from the city center, in front of Shopping Curitiba and also from the central hotels of Curitiba. Disembarkation is at Gate 3, inside the access blocked for vehicle traffic.

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