Check out the BEST documentaries of 2022

Documentaries they can often make us wish they had a sequel, but unfortunately they don’t, most of the time. But this is exactly what the producers behind the narratives want and know the perfect moment to close and leave the audience with a taste of “I want more”.

Faced with the great evolutions, today there is no longer the need for eight hours to be able to tell a true fact, because things have really become more practical. However, some documentaries are of a much higher quality than expected, to the point of being included in the list of the best of the year.

And for that reason, we brought you a list of the best documentaries of the year, which are available on Netflix.

Check out:

1. ‘Return to Space’

A documentary completely focused on the massive SpaceX mission of billionaire Elon Musk as he tries to send NASA astronauts back to the International Space Station. In it, we will see SpaceX from the first vehicles, the Falcon 1, to its launch, recorded in 2020.

2. ‘The Tinder Scam’



‘The Tinder Scam’ tells the story of an Israeli man, named Simon Leviev, who started to use the dating app Tinder to scam women.

3. ‘Our Father?’



The next documentary concerns yet another true crime. The story of Donald Cline, a former fertility doctor, who secretly got his patients pregnant without them knowing. Thus, the documentary shows Cline’s children as they discover the truth about what really happened.

4. ‘Jennifer Lopez: Halftime’



In ‘Halftime’, we have the opportunity to contemplate a little more behind the scenes of Jennifer Lopez’s life and how she had to fight hard to get where she is.

5. ‘The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Unreleased Recordings’



In this documentary, we will see Anthony Summers, the same author of Goddess (1985), carrying out research to understand in depth what could have caused the incredible artist’s death so prematurely.

6. ‘Freefall: The Tragedy of the Boeing Affair’



In ‘Freefall’, we will see an investigation into the events that caused the crash of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which were responsible for killing about 346 people.

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