Artist recreates One Piece characters in Spirited Away movie world

The emotional reunion of three brothers!

Far beyond adventures and fight scenes, one piece also carries a touching storyline. The Story of the “Brothers” Luffy, Sabo and Ace touches the hearts of many fans out there and now the artist u/williamthebanks imagined the three together exploring the universe of the series in the best style of the movie Chihiro’s trip from the studio Ghibli.

The illustration series has four images in all. The first with the three going to the magical universe that awaits them inside a train and the others with them in various locations that reference places in the world created by Eichiro Odaall with the stroke close to the one used by the director Hayao Miyazaki in creating the visual for Spirited Away.

The three brothers on their way to great adventures.

The artwork was posted by u/williamthebanks on his Reddit account with the title “Bond of Three Brothers” (“Three Brothers Bond” in a free translation), referencing a One Piece special released in 2015. The focus of this adventure is soap and his childhood next to Luffy and Ace.

The art also highlights one of One Piece’s biggest losses. Ace was killed during the saga of Battle of Marineford, and appears in the illustrations with wings and an angel’s halo, indicating his canonical death. Imagining such a magical reunion between the three of them sure only fills fans’ hearts with strong emotions.

But and you? What would you think if One Piece was a Studio Ghibli movie? Share with us in the comments!

Below you can check out the illustrations in full:

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