10 Inappropriate Movie Scenes We Saw As A Kid And Didn’t Understand

Time to ruin your childhood!

Children’s movies are many people’s first contact with cinema, and they make a lot of money in Hollywood – especially when the creators discovered that they could hide a few jokes to entertain parents who went to accompany their children. The best part is that a lot of this humor gets overlooked by kids, and it’s a great experience to revisit children’s classics and discover dirty jokes you weren’t mature enough to understand.

We’ve separated below 10 movie scenes that were inappropriate for children and that we now understand!

Mating in The Lion King

One of the greatest classics of disney, The Lion King is essentially Shakespeare for children, with excellent visuals, a remarkable soundtrack and great characters. One of the shocking moments, though, that kids miss out on is when Simba and Nala start to get a little…intimate. The facial expression on the lioness’s face makes it pretty clear what happened in the moments when the camera was no longer looking.

Catnip in Shrek 2

When it comes to humor to please adults and children alike, Shrek is the king, having built an entire trilogy of movies that are fun for the little ones, and pretty dirty for the adults. There are many great options to choose from, but one of the funniest moments comes in Shrek 2when the protagonist (turned into a human), Donkey (turned into a horse) and Puss in Boots are captured.

The moment is a parody of police programs, and at one point you can see the guards taking a bag of weed from Puss in Boots’ pocket. The joke works in a double sense: not only is it a joke with the stuffing of the famous “artist’s cigarette”, it is also an allusion to Catnip, the herb in the mint family that is known to make cats high.

Hard wing in Toy Story 2

the films of Pixar also hide some adult jokes, and one of the best ones happens in Toy Story 2. Buzz Lightyear, essentially an action hero, is delighted to see cowgirl Jessie performing a sequence of stunts – and it causes a physiological reaction in him. Without control, Buzz “hardens” – in this case, his wings are erect.

Lightning McQueen fans in Cars

cars It’s not exactly a movie that seems to have adult jokes, but there are several questions and quotes that run through children’s heads. Early on in the first film, we know Lightning McQueen as a track star, full of media and fan attention. In the midst of the commotion, he is approached by two fans with the same painting as him, who soon declare themselves to him and put their headlights out. Yes, there is a “lighthouse on” joke in cars!

David Bowie’s Labyrinth Package

David Bowie been many things in life: rock star, actor, and apparently mailman too. In Labyrinth – The Magic of Time, the 1986 classic, the production makes the questionable decision to let the rock chameleon wear pants so tight that his package features prominently for much of the film. Bowie’s costume was a highly discussed point throughout the production.

Plus, it’s a movie about a fantastical, adult-looking being trying to charm a teenage girl, which only makes it all the more… dubious, to say the least.

Male milk in Ice Age

Okay, maybe even kids understand this one, but in a scene from ice age 3 we can see Sid the sloth trying to get milk from a muskox to feed baby dinosaurs he found. The problem is, he forgets to check if he was milking a female.

The Monster House – or The Monster House?

Adult humor in children’s movies is even more fun when it’s subtle. In The monster house, the kids begin to theorize that a creepy decrepit neighborhood mansion might be a living creature, devouring children who pass by on the street. They then notice that the house has traces of human anatomy, such as “eyes, mouth and uvula”, to which one of the boys replies: “Ah, so it’s a female house?”.

Take a few seconds, think back to biology class, and answer: what specific part of the female anatomy does the uvula sound like?

Circumcision in The Rugrats

If you have already revisited Rugrats: The Little Angels after growing up, he knows that it is a rather strange drawing and full of nods for adults. In the film, released in 1998, a scene shows newborn children inspecting their bodies in the maternity ward. One of the babies complains: “Man, they cut my umbilical cord”. Another, who looks inside his own diapers, just replies: “consider yourself lucky then”, indicating that it underwent a slightly more intimate cut.

A little problem in Ratatouille

Another scene that plays with subtlety to the point of almost being overlooked by adults takes place in Ratatouille. When Linguini tries to tell Colette about the existence of the mouse Remy, he doesn’t exactly choose the best words, and begins his sentence by stating that he has something very small – which makes Colette immediately look at the cook’s crotch.

All about The Cat

None of the items on this list come close to the outbreak that is The cat. This 2003 film is an adaptation of a classic book by Dr. Seuss, so it must be something innocent, right? On the contrary, the film is entirely marked by double meaning jokes, ranging from allusions to sex, masturbation, murder and much more.

It also doesn’t help that it’s a movie starring Mike Myers, the eternal Austin Powers, dressed as a giant humanoid cat. This surrealist nightmare could very well be a skit. Saturday Night Livebut it ended up being sold as a children’s movie, and it’s definitely worth being rediscovered just for the allure of asking yourself: which Hollywood executive approved of this?

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