After all, will the movie happen?

Understand what happened to the apocalyptic movie sequel!

The film World War Z was a resounding success with the public there in the middle of 2013. starring Brad Pittthe film has that classic story of zombie apocalypse, where a lethal virus ends up spreading among humans, turning them into the undead. The success was such that a sequel soon entered development, but almost a decade later there is still no concrete indication of a possible release. After all, is the movie still going to happen?

In season, World War Z 2 looked quite promising. The first had a great response from the audience and it also seemed like an interesting idea to expand the universe presented in the film, which is based on the writer’s eponymous work. Max Brooks. Furthermore, World War Z raised simple US$540 million at the box office (via Screen Rant), which was one of the reasons why the studio gave the green light for the sequel.

The sequel to World War Z was canceled in 2019.

Where is the development of the second film going, then? According to information from Screen Rantit happens that in 2019a paramount canceled the sequence of World War Z. The decision was made after a series of obstacles during the production’s development phase, especially involving the film’s script.

Steven Knightthe creator of Peaky Blindershad taken on the task of writing the screenplay, but it seems that Paramount was not too happy with the result, as the screenwriter Dennis Kelly was called upon to rewrite it.

And it doesn’t stop there: the studio also couldn’t find a director for the film and Brad Pitt’s busy schedule, who would return to World War Z 2, did not collaborate with the advance of production. There are also certain concerns involving the Chinese market and the constant bans and censorship of film productions in the Chinaa crucial audience for the box office.

Brad Pitt is still interested in returning to the World War Z universe.

However, although it was canceled by Paramount, the sequel could see the light of day in the future. That’s because Pitt is still interested in returning to the zombie story since, in addition to starring in the film, he is also a producer of it. Thus, if the feature goes forward, it is possible that the cancellation of World War Z 2 can be reversed.

Remembering that, before the film’s cancellation, the filmmaker David Fincher had been announced as the director of World War Z 2. However, still according to Screen Ranthe is no longer involved with the project.

World War Z is available at Netflix.

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