Henry Cavill loses R$ 600 million salary after being out of shape

Henry Cavill is one of today’s most popular stars, mostly known for his performances as Geralt in The Witcher and Superman in the DCEU. The actor managed to win fans around the world with these franchises, in which he always appears in full physical shape.

However, it was not always that way in the star’s career. What many fans don’t know is that Henry Cavill has already lost an important role for being supposedly “out of shape”.

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The job in question was simply to be the movie’s 007, a role that curiously Henry Cavill is the favorite to take on with the departure of Daniel Craig. But the previous situation caused the star to miss an incredible payout of R$ 600 million.

Check out everything about the strange occasion below.

Fat Henry Cavill to be the new 007?

In an interview with Men’s Health magazine, Henry Cavill spoke about his childhood and adolescence. The actor reported that he was never the most popular kid in school, and that he actually fit more into the “chubby nerd” stereotype.

“I was that chubby kid who was usually bullied by others. I could very well have accepted that as my destiny and not have any desire to change.”

According to the actor, it was the theater that brought the desire to change his life and overcome trauma.

“Even the boys who were boring to me and liked to make fun of me started praising me after the plays. That’s where I got my strength from.”

The same problem, unfortunately, ended up emerging years later, when Cavill was trying to land one of the most iconic roles in movie history: James Bond.

The actor auditioned for the role of 007 in the movie Casino Royale, but ended up not being chosen due to his looks.

The test consisted of James Bond coming out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

“I probably could have prepared more. I remember director Martin Campbell saying something like ‘you’re a little chubby, Henry’. I didn’t know I needed to diet or train. But I was glad the director said something, so I could better prepare for the next one,” said Cavill.

Everything changed when Henry Cavill was cast in the role of Superman, and he was given an intense diet and exercise regimen created specifically for the hero.

“It’s not like I’m a god among men, but I’m very proud of everything I’ve accomplished,” commented the star.

The role of 007 ended up going to Daniel Craig, and Henry Cavill himself said that the star was the right choice for the role. In all, the actor earned about 110 million dollars (about 600 million reais) in his performances, already counting on the earnings of the last 007: No Time to Die.

In a recent interview, Craig gave advice to the interpreter of the next James Bond, as the movie 007: No Time to Die marks his farewell to the franchise.

“Literally, I would like to say just two things. First that is your decision. Don’t listen to anyone else. But also listen to everyone as you have to decide at the end of the day. And don’t be a b*stinha!”, joked the star.

Henry Cavill is currently starring in The Witcher, which has two seasons on Netflix.

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