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Abel Ferreira is in the comedy film ‘Neighbors’, by Leandro Hassum – 01/09/2022

Abel Ferreira is in the comedy film ‘Neighbors’, by Leandro Hassum – 01/09/2022
Abel Ferreira is in the comedy film ‘Neighbors’, by Leandro Hassum – 01/09/2022

Abel Ferreira, coach of Palmeiras, is in the cast of the comedy film ‘Vizinhos’, by Leandro Hassum – which is now available on Netflix.

“It’s not an indirect for anyone, but there are some neighbors who are annoying, right? Abel Ferreira agrees with me. My new movie Neighbors is now available”, wrote Netflix on its Twitter.

The ‘annoying neighbor’ cited by Netflix is ​​a reference to the Portuguese coach’s outburst after eliminating Atlético-MG in the semifinals of last year’s Copa Libertadores.

After the final whistle of the match, Abel had to be restrained by his teammates at the time of the explosion. During the post-game press conference, he explained the celebration.

“In the end, when I pointed at the camera, it wasn’t for any Atlético-MG player or coach. I have a neighbor in my building who is a pain in the ass, he went directly to my neighbor, for him to be quiet because whoever is in charge my house, who knows what happens in my house, it’s me and not him”, he began by saying, who added:

“So, shut up! Who works inside my CT is me and my players. I defend my players because they are the best. So, to my neighbor: ‘shiu!’.”

The cast also includes Júlia Rabello, Marlei Cevada, Julia Foti, Lucas Leto, Vilma Melo, Nando Cunha, Dja Martins, Hélio de la Peña, Sophia Guedes and Yves Miguel.

The article is in Portuguese

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