The 10 Best HBO Shows That Were Renewed in 2022

The 10 Best HBO Shows That Were Renewed in 2022
The 10 Best HBO Shows That Were Renewed in 2022

Given its massive popularity, it’s not surprising that House of the Dragon has already received a makeover from HBO. Indeed, 2022 was a particularly strong year for both the network itself and HBO Max. Between the two, they’ve launched some of the most critically well-regarded and popular series of the year.

As has been the case for many years, HBO continues to show why it deserves its reputation as one of Hollywood’s most respected networks. Capable of providing entertainment that endures beyond time.

10 Best HBO Shows That Were Renewed in 2022

House of the Dragon

Set several centuries before Game of Thrones – in itself one of the best HBO series of all time. House of the Dragon focuses on the various fractures of the Targaryen dynasty. More claustrophobic than its predecessor, it has already shown that it has what it takes to show the darker side of power in Westeros.


In the world of celebrity cooking, few figures are as beloved as Julia Child. The Julia series chronicles her early career as she went from being a diplomat’s wife to being a household name.

Sarah Lancashire brings out Child’s innate warmth, kindness and charisma. And the series helps the modern viewer understand this extraordinary woman as a product of her time. Just as important, she also comes across as someone who was able to make the most out of the new medium of television.

Minx: one for them

The 1970s was a particularly volatile decade in the United States as many people struggled with the various aspects of a changing society. Minx sets her story squarely amidst this turmoil, as her main character, Joyce Prigger, attempts to found a feminist magazine. Where, she teams up with the owner of a magazine publisher to create a women’s erotic publication.

It’s a fascinating series that explores the many compromises one must make, as well as the many twists and turns of the 1970s feminist movement.

Our flag is death

Few series are like Our Flag Is Death, which focuses on Stede Bonnet, a gentleman-turned-pirate, his relationship with his crew, and arguably most importantly, his growing romantic bond with Blackbeard. He has a whimsical sense of humor that is all his own, and has quickly become known for being one of the best representations of LGBTQ+ on television.

In addition to the central romance between Stede and Blackbeard, it also has a number of other notable LGBTQ+ characters. Including a non-binary, a truly revolutionary moment in the history of representation.

the golden age

While most famous for creating Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes is also known as the genius behind The Gilded Age, which quickly became considered a major period drama in its own right. As with Downton, it focuses on a pivotal period in history, this time America’s Golden Age, a time of great wealth and crushing poverty.

And since this is Fellowes, he seamlessly weaves together the lives, loves and fortunes of several fascinating characters, all of whom have their fates impacted by the historical moment in which they live.


Other interesting subjects

While the DCEU has struggled to achieve the MCU’s cultural ubiquity, it has achieved more success on television. In particular, Peacemaker became one of their most notable products. Focusing on the character of the same name, it succeeds not only because it is a very funny series, but also because of the undeniable charm and charisma of its lead actor, John Cena.

Of course, given that this is the DCEU, there’s also a bit of an edge in the series, and with James Gunn as showrunner, it’s not afraid to be more than a little weird.

someone somewhere

There’s a lot to appreciate in Somebody Somewhere, one of HBO’s most notable series that debuted in 2022. Focusing on the character of Sam, a middle-aged woman dealing with the death of her sister – plus countless other crises familiar – is a poignant mix of comedy and drama, anchored by a powerful and dynamic performance by Bridget Everett.

It’s also a moving look at small-town life and the many choices people make in doing the best they can to keep the disparate strands of their lives together.

The test

It takes a rare series to capture the mix of absurdity, documentary realism and uncomfortable comedy that The Rehearsal makes. Hosted by Nathan Fielder, it’s the kind of series designed to make the audience and the people who appear on it feel extremely uncomfortable.

As its title implies, it has several people rehearsing conversations they need to have with the people in their lives. It’s undoubtedly one of the strangest series to have appeared on HBO, and it’s this strangeness, in large part, that gives it its unusual appeal.

Lakers: Time to Win

Like all great sports dramas, Lakers: Time to Win combines the thrill of sport (in this case basketball) with the power and dynamism of human drama. In particular, he focuses on the various people involved with the Lakers in the 1980s.

Boasting a formidable cast, including the likes of John C. Reilly, Adrien Brody and Jason Clarke, it’s one of those series that leans towards its own excesses, sweeping the viewer into the world of athletics.

Tokyo Vice

One of the best things about HBO has been its willingness to green light series in a wide variety of genres. With Tokyo Vice, for example, he makes yet another compelling crime drama, this time focusing on Jake Adelstein, who starts a career as a reporter in Tokyo, after which he is slowly drawn into the sinister world of Japanese organized crime.

While its main character might not be particularly interesting on its own, the series is so adept at immersing the viewer in this strange world that it makes sense why it would get a second season.

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