Marvel surprises fans and changes the dates of movies and series on Disney+

Marvel surprises fans and changes the dates of movies and series on Disney+
Marvel surprises fans and changes the dates of movies and series on Disney+

“Wednesdays are so outdated”. This was the slogan that the Marvel used to announce that his current series, She-Hulk: Defender of Heroeswould be postponed from a Wednesday (17) to Thursday (18) in the Disney+. In fact, an unexpected change, since the series and films of the MCU had debuted on Wednesdays since Loki. Although, Thor: Love and Thunder – and its documentary – also set its premiere at a fifth. So what does this mean?

Currently, the productions of this previously acclaimed shared universe of superheroes, which has already surpassed a decade of existence and is in its “Phase 4” (the first of the current “Multiverse Saga“), have been disappointing a good portion of their fans. In short, because many of these claim that excessive production has negatively interfered with the final quality of their deliveries.

In any case, to know if they please you or not, you have to follow several premieres. So come with the Streaming Brazil and understand why Thursdays should be the new default release dates for Marvel studios at the Disney+!

Thursdays of MCU at the Disney+

At first, all the news on the platform were released on what is commonly known as the launch day of the week: Friday. And, even if some services bet on other strategies, the “mouse streaming” delivered all 9 episodes of the first series of marvel studios, WandaVision, on Fridays. Likewise, it was like that with Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

However, instead of Loki O Disney+ reprogrammed not only the series of God of Lies, as well as its entire model of releases. Therefore, Wednesdays have become the new arrival standard for any news on the platform. So, that’s how it went with series like What If…?, Archer hawk, moon knight, Ms. Marvel and even the movies MCU (as eternal and Shang-Chi).

On the other hand, another great brand of the company, Star Warsalso started to bring more and more series, which almost didn’t clash with those of Marvel. For a short time. After all, his latest and most recent production, Obi-Wan Kenobibrought a good part of its 6 episodes together with Ms. Marvel. As a result, both have been vying for the attention of geeky subscribers on Wednesdays.

As a result, the Disney+ noticed this “vacillation” and offered to relocate the 9 episodes of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes for Thursdays. This time, avoiding colliding with 7 of the 12 episodes of andor (from the 21st of September). So the question arose as to whether the change would be permanent. And, despite no official announcement, the announcement of Thor: Love and Thunder for September 8 confirmed the new standard of marvel studios like Thursday.

At next premieres of Disney+

(play credits: Disney+)

Finally, now that we have this separation, the question remains: what will be the next releases of both brands, Star Wars and Marvelat the Disney+?

Briefly, the MCU will have She-Hulk until the 13th of October. In the meantime, Thor: Love and Thunder and its behind-the-scenes documentary arrive on the 8th. Afterwards, we will have the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at the Disney+ – with forecast between December and January – and the Christmas special From Guardians of the Galaxy (probably on December 22nd).

Furthermore, Star Wars will bring episodes of andor until November 23. Even with the 2nd season of the animated series The Bad Batch interspersing its premieres with those of the aforementioned live-action, from September 28 (via CBR). That is, what leads to believe that the Marvel it can also bring more than one series at a time on its Thursdays (in the future).

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