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Something very similar happened in real life

The flashback scene present in No! Do not look! in Jordan Peele caused some confusion in the public. On a

from the director, Peele revealed that the idea for the scene came from a dream, but not everything seems to have been created in the dream field. Even though the event is not directly inspired by real events, a similar situation happened in 2009 with the primate travis and Charla Nash.

THE spectacle society and the way humanity exploits other individuals and species for entertainment and profit are two of the main pillars of No! Do not look. For this same reason, even without confirmation from the director, it is impossible not to connect these two stories.

What happens in the movie?

Scene from No! Do not look!

In the feature, during the recording of an episode of sitcom fictional Gordy’s Home (Gordy’s house in direct translation), the chimpanzee and star of the series is scared after a gas balloon bursts. His reaction to the sudden loud sound is then to attack the entire cast of the series.

The only unharmed survivor is Ricky “Jupe” Parkat the time a child, but later interpreted by Steven Yeun. Different than Mary Jo Elliottthe co-star of sitcom which can be seen in one of the theme park presentations Jupiter’s Claim. In your case, the girl had her disfigured face after the attack.

What’s the real story behind?

Travis was known as a friendly chimpanzee

Peele has not confirmed that he was inspired by Travis and Charla Nash, but there are several parallels between the two stories. Separated from his mother during childhood, the chimpanzee Travis has made several appearances in television programs and commercials for brands like Coca-Cola and old navy. Their owners at the time, Sandra and Jerome Herold, had a deep emotional connection with the animal. According to Sandra, they even slept together in the same bed.

For a long time, Travis had a reputation for being a friendly animal. But in 2009, the ape attacked and mutilated a friend of the couple, Charla Nash. Travis’ attack has been marked as one of the most brutal of all time, causing Charla’s face deformations and the loss of some limbs.

After the attack, Herold stabbed Travis and called 911 begging for help. At first, they did not believe the story, causing Sandra to claim that the chimpanzee was “eating” Charla to convince the cops.

Scene from promotional material for Não! Do not look!

With the police arriving at the house, Travis approached the car and tried to open the door. Frustrated that he couldn’t, he smashed the windows. At that moment, the official Frank Chiafari shot him several times. The animal retreated and was later found dead next to its cage.

The controversy surrounding the attack caused an uproar in the pet trade. Charla’s family even opened a process of fifty million dollars with the Harolds, in addition to having tried to sue the state of Connecticut in 2013claiming that state officials knew the animal was dangerous.

Similarities in the two stories

The similarities go beyond the attack and also appear in the figure that Charla has become. Being the living representation of Travis’ attack, Charla has been in several documentaries telling the story of her with a veil under her face, just like Mary Jo in the film.

Furthermore, Mary Jo’s presence at Jupe Park is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it is an act “charitable” from a friend who shared the actress’ trauma, on the other it also shows how society is thirsty to document the negative consequences of its own actions.

In Charla’s case, her image is exposed in several documentaries and becomes the face of Travis’ attack. Mary Jo is an almost ghostly presence from the past of American television.

Only available in cinemas, No! Do not look! still brings Keke Palmer, Daniel Kalluya, Brandon Perea, Barbie Ferreira and more in the cast.

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