Most pirated films and box office of the week [02/04/2024]


We start a new month with the debut of new feature films in cinemas, such as Ghostbusters: Ice Apocalypsewhich hit American screens on March 22nd and has already become the highest-grossing film of the week analyzed between the 22nd and 28th. The production will reach Brazilian cinemas on April 11th.

At the same time, records of illegal distribution of securities highlighted on the parallel market are growing. Here, Killer for Hire (2024) remains the most pirated film in the week ending April 1st. Oppenheimerone of the biggest box office films of 2023, also experienced an increase in reproduction outside of official platforms.

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Check out the list of the most pirated films and the highest grossing films from the last week below. You can take a shortcut via the links below:

  • Most pirated films
  • Biggest box office

Most pirated films

10. Dune

9. Poor Creatures

8. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

7. Beekeeper: Vingana Network

6. Maiden

5. Ghostbusters: Ice Apocalypse

4. Imaginary Devil’s Toy

3. Madame Teia

2. Oppenheimer

1. Matador de Rental

Biggest box office

10. Bob Marley: One Love

  • Box office: US$1,632,839

9. Cabrini

  • Box office: US$2,369,785

8. Love Lies Bleeding: Love Bleeds

  • Box office: US$2,452,976

7. Imaginary Devil’s Toy

  • Box office: US$4,010,256

6. Late Night with the Devil

Box office: US$4,088,758

5. A Test of Courage

  • Box office: US$6,396,142

4. Immaculate

  • Box office: US$7,863,191

3. Kung Fu Panda 4

  • Box office: US$25,014,700

2. Dune: Part 2

  • Box office: US$25,531,484

1. Ghostbusters: Ice Apocalypse

  • Box office: US$57,701,133

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