The 10 most powerful women in the X-Men universe


From Jean Gray to Rogue, the X-Women always rock!

After many years of ostracism, the X-Men They are finally on the rise again. In addition to a successful run in comics coming to an end, an animated series and new films are on the way in the future. Marvel Cinematic Universeheroes are dominating debates and discussions on social media.

And like any good X-Men fan, we can’t forget the women who made history on the team!

jean gray, Storm, Rogue, Emma Frost… there are many names that exude the power of a true Daughter of the Atom, and these are just some of the most formidable mutants that have ever walked through comics. In this list, we bring together the 10 most powerful women in the world of X-Men!

Madelyne Pryor

Like this jean grayyour clone Madelyne Pryor is one of the most powerful figures in the world of X-Men in the comics. In large part, this is due to the fact that she retains all of the gifts of the “original Jean”, such as telepathic power, telekinesis and psionic shots. However, she was also known for her encounter with witchcraft and the occult arts.

Adopting the codename of Goblin Queenshe is able to conjure her own demons straight from the Limbo, creating armies at your disposal. Madelyne can also “bind” this magic to her psychic gifts, which makes her a very powerful opponent for anyone – as we recently saw in X-Men ’97.


If mutant powers are passed on through DNA, it makes perfect sense that the daughter of the Master of Magnetism is one of the X-Men’s most powerful heroes. Polaris She is known for possessing powers similar to her father, being able to control fields of magnetism and various metals, using them in a more defensive way or for direct attacks.

Lorna Dane He also has some extra abilities, such as the ability to remain immune to certain types of radiation and toxins. Ally of X-Men It’s from X-Factorshe has always used these gifts for noble causes, and her abilities have improved exponentially since her appearance in the comics. Marvel.

Hope Summers

During the M-DayThe Scarlet Witch “annihilated” the x gene across planet Earth, leaving only 198 mutants with their gifts intact. It was years before another mutant birth was recorded, and when Hope Summers arrived in the world, she was being hunted from all sides by villains willing to not leave their homo superior circumvent their genocide.

Rescued and created by Cable in the very distant future, she became the Mutant Messiah, for its ability to mimic other people’s powers and also “stabilize” other mutants. More recently, she was a crucial player in Krakoa Resurrection Protocolsleading the Five and helping his species reign supreme.

Cassandra Nova

While many mutants use their gifts to do good and protect their own species, others take advantage of them to fulfill personal vendettas and petty missions. No one is a better example of this than Cassandra Novathe “twin sister” of Charles Xavier who would have died in the womb, but came back to life like a big stone in the Professor X.

Cassandra has the same psionic gifts as Xavier, but in her quest for revenge, she has accumulated several abilities over the years, such as the gift of replicating her own DNA or the ability to conjure fire from the vastness of the cosmos or the depths of hell. And throughout her history, she has used her gifts to persecute, punish, and annihilate other mutants.


It doesn’t matter the version – whether in theaters, in comics, in X-Men: The Animated Series or X-Men Evolution -, every fan of the Children of the Atom must have a special affection for Rogue. With an ability that looks more like a curse, the ability to “suck” the vital energy, memories and even powers of her opponents, she has always been a time bomb in the team.

However, what makes the story of Anna Marie So special is the way in which, over the years, she learned to control her feelings and emotions so as not to be a danger to everyone around her. This, more than the gift of replicating any mutant ability on the planet, is her greatest power and why we root for her so much.


Selene Gallio is an ancient mutant, who many believe to be the first exponent of the race homo superior in the land. Her immortality is entirely associated with her genetic power, which transforms her into a “psychic vampire”, draining life force of its victims. Having lived for so many years, she went down a dark path, becoming a powerful witch.

In terms of experience and raw power, few can surpass Selene and their various abilities. In later years, she continued using her gifts for personal gain, and even joined the Hell’s Clubwhere he achieved adoration and fortune under the cloak of Black Queen. To this day, the sorceress still represents a major threat.


One of the most tragic heroines to ever walk the earth Marvel Universethe young Illyana Rasputin had his childhood corrupted and stolen, forced to live several years of his life in Limbo, a “dimension-between-dimensions” ruled by demons and dark beings. Trained from an early age to become the “Daughter of Hell“, she lived up to her heroic codename.

A sorceress capable of rivaling the Doctor Strangeshe still has her natural mutant power – the ability to create portals -, in addition to having a Spiritual Sword capable of separating souls from bodies and a demonic form itself, which makes it much more powerful and violent. A prodigy of X-Womenshe has even hosted the Phoenix Force.

Emma Frost

Great enemy of X-Men to one of its most formidable leaders, White Queen appeared in the comics as part of the Hell’s Club, a secret organization of mutants that sought to control the world. She was the director of Massachusetts Academya “rival” of the Xavier Institute, but which trained private soldiers.

A born teacher, Emma also has great mastery and technique behind her telepathic powers. Although she is not as powerful as Jean Grey, she has a perfect command of her mental gifts, and can use them in terrifying ways – as well as her secondary mutation, the diamond form, which has made her become a heavyweight in the world. Children of the Atom.


Since his youth, when he explored the valleys and savannas of the African continent, Ororo Munroe She was called a goddess, because of her gifts and powers, which allowed her to spread rain, winds and life in desolate lands. So when she joined the X-MenThe Storm vowed to honor that title and continue using his skills for the greater good.

Classified as omega level mutant, she can manipulate the forces of nature, creating tornadoes and gales, shooting lightning and lightning, even giving rise to torrential rains and searing blizzards. Ororo is one of the most powerful mutants to ever walk the Earth – so much so that she was the ruler of the mutant planet of Arakko (or Marsfor laymen).

jean gray

Among Goddesses and Queens, only one absolute reigns: the Phoenix. Presented in the first edition of X-Menfrom 1963, jean gray it was, at first, a telekinetic with limited powers. Over the years and arduous training, she developed advanced telepathic abilities, superior even to her telepathic abilities. Charles Xavier.

Since then, Jean has had many lives, literally. Dead and reincarnated by the cosmic power of Phoenix Force, Jean has had a remarkable evolution of power throughout her history and is one of the best-crafted cases of how supreme power can corrupt. More than host to a cosmic force, Jean is like a beating heart, pumping life into the Children of the Atom.

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