How is the cast of “Interstellar”, 10 years after the premiere


It’s been 10 years since Christopher Nolan took us on an epic journey through space in “Interstellar”, a film released in 2014. The production, which captivated audiences with its complex narrative and stunning visuals, continues to be remembered as a landmark in cinema science fiction. But what about the cast? How are they now, a decade after their immersion into the vastness of the universe?

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“Interstellar” is an epic journey that follows Joseph Cooper, a former NASA pilot, as he leads a team of explorers in search of a new home for humanity in the face of the impending destruction of Earth. Using a wormhole discovered near Saturn, they embark on an interstellar mission to explore distant planets in search of habitable conditions.

See what the cast of Interstellar is doing, 10 years later

Matthew McConaughey (Cooper) – (Photos: Reproduction)

Anne Hathaway (Brand) – (Photos: Reproduction)

Jessica Chastain (adult Murphy) – (Photos: Reproduction)

Michael Caine (Professor Brand) – (Photos: Reproduction)

Mackenzie Foy (young Murph) – (Photos: Reproduction)

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Matthew McConaughey (Cooper)

Since his role as Joseph Cooper, the courageous pilot and devoted father, McConaughey has continued to impress audiences with his versatility in front of the camera. He starred in a series of successful films such as “Gold and Greed” (2016), “Mystery in the Mediterranean” (2019) and “The Weight of the Past” (2018). On television, he starred in the acclaimed series “True Detective”.

Anne Hathaway (Brand)

Anne Hathaway brought a mix of strength and vulnerability to the role of Brand, a scientist determined to find a new home for humanity. Since then, she has participated in a variety of projects, such as “Oito Mulheres e um Segredo” (2018), “Calmaria” (2019) and “As Trapaceiras” (2019).

Jessica Chastain (adult Murphy)

Playing the adult version of Murph, Cooper’s daughter, Chastain delivered an emotional and powerful performance. Since “Interstellar,” she has garnered a number of nominations and awards for her performances, demonstrating her exceptional skill as an actress. She worked on films such as “The Big Thing” (2017), “Zero Dark Thirty” (2012) and “The Martian” (2015)

Michael Caine (Professor Brand)

Caine, a veteran of the film industry, brought his magnetic presence to the role of Professor Brand, a visionary scientist determined to save humanity. After “Interstellar,” he continued to work on a number of projects, demonstrating his unparalleled skill and ability to captivate audiences with his acting.

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Mackenzie Foy (Young Murphy)

As young Murph, Foy captivated audiences with her emotive and insightful performance. Since then, she has transitioned from children’s roles to more mature projects, demonstrating her versatility as an actress.

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