Mystery and action film with Keanu Reeves has just arrived on Netflix


Erotic thriller with Keanu Reeves, “Knock Before Entering”, which is on Netflix, is directed by Eli Roth, who is also an actor and co-wrote the script with Nicolás López and Guillermo Amoedo. The film begins with Evan Webber (Reeves), a family man and DJ, in his home, talking on the phone with his wife and children. Everyone is at the beach for Father’s Day, but Evan had to stay because of a job.

A storm rages outside and an atmosphere of suspense is in the air. Something is about to happen. But, contrary to what is expected, Webber’s house is not invaded by any masked group with threatening weapons or a serial killer with a knife in his hand. Someone knocks on the door. Suspicious, Evan asks who it is on the other side. A female voice resonates. He opens it and two wet young women are at his entrance, begging for help.

Seemingly helpless and quite attractive, the two girls say they got lost on their way to a party. After being dropped off by a taxi, they wandered around the neighborhood for 20 minutes until they were caught in the rain. With the phone wet, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) can’t get it to work. Bel (Ana de Armas) forgot hers at home. Without knowing the numbers off the top of their heads, they ask to use the computer so they can contact their friends on social media.

Evan awkwardly can’t say “no.” So, he lets the two strangers into his house. They talk for a while and they seem like nice girls, but maybe a little spacey. They want to use the house dryer to dry their clothes. He doesn’t want to be rude enough to deny them the favor of leaving them dry. Then, a few minutes later, they are naked under robes, while their clothes are on the family appliance.

A little more conversation and Evan presents his work as a DJ. Everyone starts flirting and soon the pair of women are on top of him. A long night of threesomes, the likes of which Evan could never imagine, ensue.

The next morning, Evan hopes that the two seductive damsels in distress are already far away, but that’s not exactly what happens. They are in the kitchen wearing his wife’s clothes and scattering things everywhere. His wife calls, and he manages to disguise the visitors’ presence. However, his patience is running out. Part of it is due to the fear of being discovered by his own family. Guilt doesn’t seem to have a place here.

However, the more your desire for the intruders to leave grows, the more they want to stay. It doesn’t take long for the erotic dream to turn into the worst nightmare. Blackmail, persecution, torture. A cruel game that feels like punishment to Evan for his betrayal. Based on “Death Game”, from 1977, Eli Roth manages to gradually build an increasing and maddening tension that, certainly, takes viewers through a harrowing journey.

While Eli Roth jokes that no margarine commercial family is as perfect as it seems, it shows that no one, not even the most angelic and innocent faces, can be trusted.

Film: Knock Before Entering
Direction: Eli Roth
Year: 2015
Gender: Thriller
note: 8/10

The article is in Portuguese

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