Bruce Willis’s Farewell to Cinema is on Netflix and you haven’t watched it yet


“A Day to Die” begins without the necessary impact to hold attention, unfolding slowly and full of sequences with no apparent meaning. In this scenario, the actors visibly struggle to make sense of a chaotic plot. This feature film stands out for being one of Bruce Willis’ last performances before the actor retired from the screen due to health problems, and exemplifies the problem of a weak start.

Under the direction of Wes Miller, the production aspires to pay tribute to the memorable roles played by Willis throughout his career. However, the film delves into a confusing and unpersuasive narrative. Even with an edition that seeks to be innovative, the film cannot overcome its fragmented narrative structure, marked by an excess of clichés.

The central story involves a detective, played by Kevin Dillon, whose pregnant wife is captured by a group of white supremacists. At the same time, Willis takes on the role of a police commissioner, a character accustomed to dealing with corruption in its darkest intricacies. What had the potential to be a plot full of surprises ends up being predictable, and the characters quickly lose the depth they could have.

The direction’s failure to explore the richness of nuances and intensity that the story promised results in a work that does not meet expectations, either as a form of entertainment or as a worthy tribute to Willis’ legacy. It is a farewell to the cinematic scene that does not correspond to the actor’s talent, leaving a feeling of lost opportunity for both the fans and the cast itself.

Film: A Day to Die
Direction: Wes Miller
Year: 2022
Genres: Action/Police/Thriller
note: 8/10

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