Nico Parker raises expectations for the live-action remake of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’; “It will be wonderful”


The live-action version of ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘ finally started filming, in the city of Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland.

With premiere scheduled for June 13 2025the film will star Mason Thames like Hiccup and Nico Parker as Astrid, directed by Dean DeBloisresponsible for the animated trilogy.

In an interview with the collider, Parker revealed that although she is nervous about the public’s expectations surrounding the project, she thinks the end result will be wonderful.

“I’m nervous about all of this because I care so much about this. I know the fans care a lot about this, and I would love to make everyone proud. I’m constantly nervous thinking about this. But to me, there was no reason they couldn’t do a live-action version. It’s being made by such brilliant people and everyone is so talented and deeply dedicated. After I spoke to Dean, I thought, ‘How could anyone not want to be involved with the film?’ It’s incredible. It’s stressful, but I’m really, really excited for it to be finished and everyone can witness what we’re doing.”

She continued:

“I find animation enchanting and its magic prevails in our film. But I think we have our own interpretation and everyone has their own version of a character. The drawings are still there for anyone who wants to watch. But the film is going to be wonderful, and if you don’t think so, the important thing is that I’m having a lot of fun doing this. It will be wonderful no matter what.”

Check out the first behind-the-scenes image:

Gerard Butler will reprise his role as the animated boss Stoick. For those who don’t know, Butler He is the one who voices the character, who is Hiccup’s father.

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This new feature film will adapt the trilogy of films that were made by DreamWorks Animation and launched in the 2010s with great success.

The first film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Film and Best Original Score. The trilogy was also a success with the public, grossing more than US$1.6 billion at the box office.

On the island of Berk, Vikings dedicate their lives to fighting and killing dragons. Hiccup, son of Chief Stoick, is no different. He dreams of slaying a dragon and proving his worth, despite general disbelief. One day, by chance, he hits a dragon that has never been seen before, called the Night Fury. And besides not killing him, he ends up letting him go. But the animal lost part of its tail and, as a result, is no longer able to fly. Hiccup decides to help him and, little by little, approaches the dragon. However, at the same time, Stoick authorizes his son to participate in training for dragons, the final test of which is precisely to kill one of the animals.


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