The Lost Kingdom’ arrives on digital platforms; see how to watch


The latest DCEU feature film is available so you can find out exactly how the old DC cinematic universe ends in your home

2 Feb
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Fans of the old DCEU will be able to say goodbye to the universe that was born in 2013 from the comfort of their home, as ‘Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom‘ arrived on digital platforms, for rental and purchase.

The film starring Jason Momoa (‘Fast and Furious 10’), Patrick Wilson (‘The Conjuring’) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (‘Watchmen’) is now available with rental and purchase options on YouTube, Prime Video, Claro TV+, Apple TV, Vivo Play, Microsoft Store and Watch Brasil. The price to rent the DC film is R$49.90, while it can be purchased for R$69.90.


The prices are not particularly attractive at launch, but fans of DC characters may end up having fun with the DCEU farewell.

What is the story of Aquaman 2?

‘Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom’ sees Arthur Curry already established as the new king of Atlantis. He lives a double life, with his son and on the surface, and is bored with his royal duties. When Black Manta resurfaces more powerful than ever, putting not only Aquaman’s life at risk, but everyone else’s, the hero needs to ally with an old enemy: his half-brother Orm, the Ocean Master.

Jason Momoa in his last appearance as Aquaman (Image: Disclosure/Warner Bros)

Photo: Canaltech

Together, they set out on a journey to find the source of Black Manta’s powers and put an end to his threat.

With a tumultuous production, full of re-recordings, two appearances by different Batmans (Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck) who ended up being left out of the film, ‘Aquaman 2’ was officially the last production before the complete reboot of the DC universe in theaters, which should start again at the end of this year with the animation of ‘Creature Command’and in 2025, with the premiere in theaters of ‘Superman: Legacy’.

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