Find out who the Brazilian ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is


Brazilian Eduardo Omeltech Rodrigues, 29 years old, was extradited from Portugal to Brazil last Thursday (1). He is accused of being one of the leaders of a criminal organization that was inspired by the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” to commit financial scams.

Brazilian is accused of being head of a criminal organization responsible for financial scams – Photo: Personal Archive/Reproduction/ND

Inspiration from the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”

According to the Civil Police investigation, the group set up call centers employing, preferably, Brazilians who lived illegally in Portugal.

The hired employees called residents of Brazil and offered investments in shares that, in fact, did not exist.

According to the investigation, there were several victims, one of whom lost more than R$1 million as a result of the scam carried out by the criminal organization.

Blows applied are very similar to the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” – Photo: Divulgacão/Observatório do Cinema/ND

Eduardo Omeltech Rodrigues was arrested in Portugal in March last year in Operation Red Diffusion, which identified a scheme heavily inspired by the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

In the 2013 feature film, the protagonist played by Leonardo DiCaprio becomes wealthy through irregular investments and leads a luxurious lifestyle.

In the operation, Portuguese agents disguised themselves as homeless people to carry out the act and also arrested other Brazilians involved in the scheme.

Accused is extradited to Brazil

The accused was extradited from Portugal to Brazil last Thursday (1). He had been in pre-trial detention since last year, after being the target of the operation.

Rodrigues was taken to the headquarters of the Federal Police Superintendence, in Brasília, and should be transferred to the Provisional Detention Center, also in the federal capital.

The accused’s defense stated that he will file a habeas corpus petition with the Superior Court of Justice to revoke the preventive detention.

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