Now go! The adaptation of this fantasy epic has already failed TWICE, but it’s still on the way – Film News

Now go! The adaptation of this fantasy epic has already failed TWICE, but it’s still on the way – Film News
Now go! The adaptation of this fantasy epic has already failed TWICE, but it’s still on the way – Film News

Fantasy adventure has been planned for theaters for years, but after a few attempts there is now new hope.

In 2018, the American-Nigerian writer Tomi Adeyemi published the novel Children of Blood and Bone. A year before the famous young adult story reached the general public, Hollywood took notice of the book and took the first steps towards a film adaptation.

Six years later, the film has still not been released. As Variety reports, that’s about to change. Gina Prince-Bythewoodwho most recently brought the historic action film The King Woman to the big screen, is taking on the long-awaited big-screen adaptation as a director from Paramount Pictures.

For fans of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter: The adaptation of this fantasy bestseller is coming to theaters

Children of Blood and Bone takes you to a world full of magic and abyss

The fantastic adventure work tells the story of a heroine called Zélie Adebola. She belongs to a group of people with magical abilities, the Maji, who are oppressed by the ruling class, the Kosidáns, in the kingdom of Orïsha. After many years of darkness, Zélie managed to bring balance.

The premise seems like the perfect model for a new fantasy series a la Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, among others. That’s what Fox 2000 Pictures and Temple Hill Productions thought in 2017 and hired director Rick Famuyiwa for the adaptation. However, after Disney purchased Fox, Fox 2000 was canceled.

Children of Blood and Bone, in the original, then moved to the Lucasfilm studio, which is under the Disney wing. Lucasfilm was supposed to bring the project to theaters in collaboration with 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox). Kay Oyegun, known for the drama series This Is Us, was hired as a writer.

But this version also did not come to fruition. One of the main reasons: Lucasfilm has recently focused exclusively on expanding its own brands (Star Wars, Willow, and Indiana Jones). Paramount managed to secure the rights to Children of Blood and Bone and will release the current version of the project. At least, that’s what we hope.

When will Children of Blood and Bone hit theaters?

Theatrical release has not yet been confirmed. The third book in the series, which consists of the following titles, is scheduled for release on June 25, 2024:

  1. Children of Blood and Bone
  2. Children of Virtue and Vengeance
  3. Children of Anguish and Anarchy

There will likely be more updates about the Children of Blood and Bone adaptation in the coming months, especially with regards to the cast. Adeyemi revealed in 2018 that she would love to see Idris Elba and Viola Davis as characters in the film.

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