Poor Creatures is Emma Stone’s tale of liberation from her social prisons

Poor Creatures is Emma Stone’s tale of liberation from her social prisons
Poor Creatures is Emma Stone’s tale of liberation from her social prisons

Nominated for 11 categories at the 2024 Oscars, new is the second partnership between Yorgos Lanthimos and the actress; read the film review

Henrique Nascimento (@hc_nascimento) Published on 01/31/2024, at 5:00 pm – Updated on 02/01/2024, at 8:45 am

Of the certainties we have in life, the only one that is really consistent is that we are going to die. We are born, we live as best we can and, eventually, we die. In the meantime, we try to understand the world around us, grow within it, grow beyond it if possible, and chart the path to what can bring us satisfaction, bring us happiness, another desired constant of human existence.

In Poor Creatureswhich hits Brazilian cinemas this Thursday, February 1st, with 11 Oscar nominations, Bella Baxter (Emma Stone, La La Land: Singing Seasons) knows happiness in its purest form, through the satisfaction of small daily pleasures. Born from a private tragedy, she is a child in a woman’s body, with all the innocence and curiosity that this phase carries, and lives under the care of her creator, Dr. Godwin Baxterbetter known as God (Willem Dafoe, The headlight).

Bella He barely knows how to speak, but he knows that everything he does has one goal: to make her happy. It is happiness that leads her to explore her own body, for example, as her mentality matures. Almost a consequence, sexual discovery leads her to want to explore the world, especially after her path crosses with that of the lawyer. Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight: Secrets Revealed), who invites her to uncover the unknown with the desire to take advantage of the young woman’s innocence for his own pleasure.

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Initially, the new film Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The favorite), based on the novel of the same name by Alasdair Gray, is quite disconcerting. Compared to Frankensteinin Mary Shelley, the story features an eccentric doctor, responsible for the craziest experiments, such as a chicken-dog or a duck-dog. Your most perfect creation, Bella Baxternor does it shy away from the bizarre, which is strange at first sight.

Despite being in love with Godwho believes he is his father, Bella decides to leave his “prison”, even against the doctor’s wishes, in a first act of rebellion in favor of his own freedom. She then begins to change, as she is introduced to so many new things in a world that, at first, besides being beautiful, seems perfect.

Although, Bella She soon discovers that, outside the mansion, there are restraints trying to restrain her at all times. She cannot eat or drink as much as she wants, speak her mind, dance, flirt or even have sex with whoever or whenever she wants. When confronted by ghosts from her past, she reaches her breaking point and decides that, wherever she is, she will always be free.

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Poor Creatures it is such a breathtaking work that trying to put it into words is an absurdly difficult task. It is necessary to witness how all the elements of the film – the script Tony McNamarathe photograph of Robbie Ryanthe soundtrack of Jerskin Fendrix and the impeccable performances of Emma Stone It is Mark Ruffalo – work perfectly under the supervision of Lanthimos.

In previous productions, such as The Lobster (2015) and The favorite (2018), the filmmaker had already explored the strangeness of the stories he chose to tell, presenting an unusual point of view, but always without complicating things, allowing the viewer to follow the development of the plot without getting lost in the journey.

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In Poor Creatureswhich manages to be his story most out of reality and, even so, closest to the human experience and, especially, the experience of women, this admirable characteristic of the filmmaker remains present and, if the film leaves him speechless at the end of the session , it is not because of the lack of them, but because of the cascade that it creates, but dies when it reaches the tip of the tongue, because any description would reduce the experience too much.

Every year we have great productions hitting cinema screens around the world, but it is rare to have the opportunity to see a work as imposing as Poor Creatureswhich reminds us of the power of this art and makes us cry out for more. “Cinema is the greatest fun”said the facade of Cine São Luiz, in Recife, Pernambuco, portrayed in Ghost Portraits (2023), by Kleber Mendonça Filho. And it is. Long live cinema!

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