Netflix Releases of the Week (11/20 to 11/26): Round 6 spin-off and new Adam Sandler film are the news – Cinema News

Netflix Releases of the Week (11/20 to 11/26): Round 6 spin-off and new Adam Sandler film are the news – Cinema News
Netflix Releases of the Week (11/20 to 11/26): Round 6 spin-off and new Adam Sandler film are the news – Cinema News

Check out the streaming platform’s main premieres.

Another week has just begun and, with that, we follow the I love cinema the famous article about what’s new on Netflix.

On Tuesday, the 21st, especially for those who like good animation, Leo arrives on the platform, a feature film voiced by none other than Adam Sandler – and which tells the story of a charismatic elderly lizard deciding start making the most of the time you have left.

Furthermore, on Wednesday (22), we will follow Round 6: The Challenge, a spin-off of the acclaimed South Korean series on Netflix. In this reality show, a real competition features 456 participants fighting for a prize of 4.56 million dollars.

Below, check out more news of the week from the American giant:

It cost half a billion dollars: Probably the most expensive series on Netflix ends after 7 years


Oscar winner Roger Ross Williams brings Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s book to life, Stamped From the Beginningusing vivid animation and prominent female intellectuals to detail the history of racist ideas in the United States.

LEO (11/21)

Leo (Sandler) is a 74-year-old lizard who has been trapped in a Florida classroom for decades, sharing the terrarium where he lives with a turtle (Bill Burr). Upon discovering that he only has one year left to live, he comes up with an escape plan to make the most of the time he has left, but ends up involved in the problems of the students and a cruel teacher. Who knew this would be such a weird and fulfilling bucket list?


In this competition series, 456 participants give their all in games inspired by the series that conquered the world, with constant eliminations and a prize of 4.56 million dollars. Are you ready to follow the surprises, twists and challenges that will happen?


Adam, Ulrika and their 19-year-old daughter Stella are a normal middle-class family living on the outskirts of Lund, Sweden. However, what seemed like a perfect life falls apart when Stella is arrested on a serious charge. The couple wants to do everything they can to help their daughter, but do they really know her… or each other?


Elena wants to find out who is responsible for the sudden death of her daughter, Rita. With no answers and ignoring her terminal diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, she takes on the role of detective and travels by train to the city center to ask her daughter’s old friend for help. In this search for the truth, memories inevitably force her to confront the kind of mother she was.

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