These movies have the same story and you never realized


Productions that share the same story and you may not have noticed!


In cinema we can choose from a variety of different stories and themes to follow, terror, drama, comedy, action and among many others. But despite the great variety, it is possible to find several works that share the same premiseor even bring exactly the same story.

O LH Studionew channel from Legion of Heroes at the YouTubeprepared a video bringing together some films that share the same story and you never noticed. Some are good obvious and share the same story, but in a different environment, while others you need to pay a little more attention to understand how the two films are similar.

Finding Nemo and The Taken placing their respective protagonists in search of their kidnapped son, FormiguinhaZ and Bug Life showing the little creatures in their battle to be more than pawns or else I want to be big and suddenly 30, showing teenagers magically becoming adults. Check out the films that have the same story and you didn’t notice in the video:

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