The 10 strongest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked


Who is the strongest in the MCU?

Just like dark matter, Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding. Therefore, it is not difficult to get lost in the studio hierarchy. Supers with alien artifacts, others with divine abilities and we still have those that served as alien experiments. At Marvelit seems like we have it all.

So you don’t get lost, we’ve separated them into this list the 10 strongest heroes in this universe. Ready to embark on this meeting of powerful people? Leave your favorite in the comments!


Sersi She’s what we call an underrated heroine who doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Presented in Eternalsshe is the leader of her group and has the ability to use cosmic energy to transform inorganic and organic matter into anything, becoming a dangerous and unpredictable opponent.


In the comics, the extent of the Hulk is infinite. But in cinemas, the situation is very different. The confused personality of Bruce Banner has already put the hero in embarrassing situations. Over the years, the Emerald Giant has become something of an army for the Avengers rather than the great and powerful hero he is.


There is no way to talk about powers in MCU without remembering the Vision. For much of his life, the android shared his memories and skills with Mind Gemmaking him one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Studios. Now, Vision no longer has the artifact by his side, but that didn’t stop him from surprising at the end of Wandavision.

Adam Warlock

The childish personality and comical appearance of Adam Warlock hides some of the most deadly powers that can be brought together in a single person. In addition to surviving in the vacuum of space and having enhanced strength and speed, Adam can manipulate energy. In other words, the similarity of his powers to Captain Marvel’s could turn a fight against the heroine into something interesting to watch.


Datingthe Sub-Mariner, arrived at MCU in Wakanda Forever. Showing that there is no warrior who can defeat him, the “child without love” created real chaos for wakandans. Even after being defeated at the end of the film, it is worth remembering that Shuri he had to go out of his way to create a containment plan for the prince and mutant.


Even though he is a god, the power of Thor sins due to inconsistency. The character went from a figure inseparable from his hammer to an entity that can destroy worlds with just his hands. However, between ups and downs, we don’t know for sure whether the extent of this force is something momentary or definitive, causing it to drop some houses on the list.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is another hero who suffers from inconsistency. As we watched him work as the Supreme Wizard of his universe, he has also seen himself slipping into situations “simple”like the forgetfulness spell Peter parker. All of this leads us to believe that the magician has immense power, but there is still a long way to go to perfect it.


It hasn’t been long since Monica Rambeau received her powers in theaters, but that didn’t stop her from showing how powerful she is. In The Marvelsthe heroine shows being able to feel, see and manipulate any wave of energy, which creates interesting situations, from being “charged like a battery” even pass through solid objects.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is easily one of the most powerful heroines in the world. MCU. After his fateful encounter with Yon-Rogg, Carol Danvers became able to fly, in addition to acquiring super speed, strength, resistance, durability and absorption and manipulation of energy

Scarlet Witch

As fickle as it is powerful, Wanda Maximoff He has shown countless times that he can subdue anyone, given the opportunity. The test of his strength came in Avengers: Endgamewhere Thanos He needed to quickly think of a strategy or he would end up being defeated by the sorceress.

Honorable Mention: Loki

What can we say about an entity that has the entire multiverse in its hands? The end of the second season of Loki showed the full magnitude of the Norse god’s powers. However, at the same time, it is difficult to consider him the strongest hero in the world. MCU, since, during much of the cinematic universe, the character was defeated countless times. Even so, the current “He Who Remains” deserves a place of honor on this list.

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