You passed by it on Netflix and didn’t watch it: the film with Chris Evans that is an undervalued gem


In “Mission in the Red Sea”, director Gideon Raff’s approach to heroism moves away from conventional standards. This film, set in the 1980s, tells the story of a rescue operation undertaken by the Mossad to save Ethiopian Jews refugees in Sudan. Unlike films centered on a single hero, as is the case in “Sully: The Hero of Rio Hudson”, “Red Sea Mission” explores the dynamics of a group working under extreme circumstances.

Raff’s narrative is not limited to extolling individual acts of bravery. Instead, it sheds light on the complexities of a collective rescue operation, emphasizing interdependence and collaboration. This view offers a more balanced representation of heroism, showing that, in many cases, courageous actions are the result of a collaborative effort and not just individual initiatives.

“Mission in the Red Sea” approaches heroism without resorting to idealizations. The film highlights that difficult decisions and bold actions are often marked by moral and ethical dilemmas. This more sober and realistic approach allows for a deeper appreciation of human nature in crisis situations, offering a more concrete view of the difficulties and challenges faced in high-risk operations.

The film offers more than just entertainment. It encourages reflections on topics such as leadership, sacrifice and the different faces of heroism. The narrative shows that heroic acts can involve collective action and strategy in challenging situations. “Mission to the Red Sea” presents a perspective on heroism that resonates with the complexities of the modern world.

Furthermore, “Mission in the Red Sea” also raises questions about the human cost of rescue missions. While the operations are often romanticized, the film does not shy away from the emotional and physical consequences faced by those involved. Raff chooses to portray both moments of tension and relief, capturing the full range of emotions that accompany such endeavors. This provides a deeper look into the psyche of those who risk their lives for the greater good, without hiding the scars left by such experiences.

Finally, the film examines the impact of rescue missions on geopolitical dynamics. It highlights how covert operations, like the one portrayed in the film, can alter the balance of power and influence international relations. By connecting the act of individual and collective heroism to broader consequences, it is suggested that the ramifications of such actions extend far beyond the individuals immediately involved, offering insight into how heroic acts can have lasting implications on the world stage.

Film: Mission in the Red Sea
Direction: Gideon Raff
Year: 2019
Gender: Espionage/Thriller/Action
note: 8/10

The article is in Portuguese

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