5 films that premiered on Netflix last week and that you may have missed


Netflix is ​​a platform that is constantly being updated, releasing a variety of films that suit all tastes and preferences. In the last week, the catalog has expanded with additions ranging from thrillers that capture the attention to dramas that challenge the viewer’s perception. Despite the diversity and quality of these releases, it is possible that some of them went unnoticed by the general public.

In this selection, we highlight five films that recently made their debut on Netflix. These titles, which may have remained off your radar, represent a sample of the best the platform has to offer in terms of new features. Each of these films brings a different proposal, whether through narrative, visuals or direction, thus guaranteeing a unique cinematic experience.

The variety of these releases proves that the platform is not only investing in quantity, but also in curating content that can stand out due to its execution and theme. This list serves as a guide for those looking for newly arrived films that may have escaped their attention while browsing Netflix’s vast library.

Love in Cloudy Waters (2023) Yûsuke Taki

Disclosure / Netflix

Amid the opulent setting of a luxury cruise, a ship’s employee and a passenger unexpectedly find themselves involved in a murder case. With the mystery unfolding on the high seas, they must join forces, using their skills to solve the puzzle, while the romantic potential between them begins to emerge. The plot deftly intertwines with mystery sequences and moments of romantic tension, providing an intriguing and charming experience. As the investigation progresses, the unlikely couple comes across a series of suspects and clues that lead them down a path full of twists and turns. The story, full of humor and unexpected twists, makes the film an unpredictable journey. In this luxurious and isolated environment, they discover that the search for truth can be as dangerous as it is thrilling, and that sometimes love can be the most complicated mystery of all.

Our Extraordinary Friend (2023), Marc Turtletaub

Disclosure / Big Beach Films

Our Friend A man’s peaceful life is turned upside down when an alien lands in his backyard. The friendship that forms between him and the alien is just the beginning of a series of unexpected events that soon attract the attention of not only curious neighbors, but also the government. What follows is an adventure filled with humor and heart that questions the meaning of friendship and community. Together, the man and his neighbors embark on a mission to protect their new friend from another world, discovering along the way that the most unlikely connections can lead to extraordinary friendships. This film is a warm-hearted story that celebrates the discoveries that happen when worlds collide and the generosity of the human spirit.

The best. Christmas. Of all! (2023) Mary Lambert

Scott Everett White/Netflix

The festive season brings more than snow and merry songs when two former college roommates reunite under unexpected circumstances. With old rivalries resurfacing, fierce competition reignites. While one seeks to prove that the other leads a less than perfect life, their forced coexistence during the Christmas period opens the way to hilarious moments and personal discoveries, revealing that reality is very different from the facade that everyone maintains. As the festivities progress, competition gives way to mutual understanding and appreciation for the true meaning of Christmas. With a plot that alternates between comedy and touching moments, the film explores themes of authenticity and the true measures of success. The story serves as a warm and joyful reminder that often the greatest joys come from accepting yourself and others as they really are.

Rustin (2023), George C. Wolfe

Parrish Lewis/Netflix

Dramatizing the life of an influential civil rights activist, the film delves into the heart of the fight for equality in the United States. Following the protagonist’s journey, the viewer is taken through transformative historical events, while at the same time witnessing the challenges faced by the activist, from social pressures to personal obstacles. His story is told in depth, exploring not only his victories, but also the internal struggles that defined his character and legacy.
By exploring this character’s life, the film exposes the contradictions of an era and the lasting impact of his actions on the civil rights movement. The narrative emphasizes resilience in the face of adversity and the power of conviction, inviting audiences to reflect on the lessons of the past and the ongoing influence of these events on the present.

The Ice Road (2021), Jonathan Hensleigh

Disclosure / Envision Media Arts

When a remote diamond mine collapses, an ice truck driver takes the lead on a dangerous rescue mission. The race against time becomes even more desperate as weather conditions deteriorate, threatening the lives of the miners and the integrity of the only escape route. This survival drama delivers a tense journey through unforgiving terrain, highlighting human bravery and tenacity. The danger intensifies when unexpected elements emerge, turning the rescue mission into a fight for everyone’s survival. The film balances action and emotion, with the frigid landscape serving as a formidable antagonist. The characters’ determination to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles provides a gripping plot that captures the essence of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


The Killer (2023), by David Fincher

Disclosure / Netflix

In this dark and introspective tale, a meticulous killer navigates the criminal underworld with a skill that grants him deadly anonymity. As he executes contracts with cold precision, the protagonist is forced to confront the moral implications of his choices. The narrative, rich in suspense and psychological complexity, challenges the viewer to look beyond the veil of violence to understand the man behind the myth. As the story unfolds, the killer faces threats both external and internal, with each mission bringing new dilemmas and challenging his perspective on life and death. With cinematography that perfectly complements the tense and calculated tone, the film invites you on a journey into the mind of a character who lives on the border between humanity and brutality.



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