Golden retriever recreates scene from Lion King and throws his giraffe off the ‘cliff’

Golden retriever recreates scene from Lion King and throws his giraffe off the ‘cliff’
Golden retriever recreates scene from Lion King and throws his giraffe off the ‘cliff’

Who has never had to make a difficult choice? Be it a radical change, a letting go or ‘growing up’? That’s what Finley Belle recently went through when she abandoned her stuffed giraffe when she threw it off the cliff.

Well, more or less, the dog dropped the toy from the top of the stairs. The video, published on Finley Belle’s Tik Tok profile at the beginning of the year, continues to go viral.

It’s impossible not to associate the scene with the classic Lion King when Scar orchestrates Mufasa’s death to conquer the kingdom of nature.

Mufasa, who is the current king, holds on to a cliff to avoid falling. However, the villain releases his brother’s claws, throwing him to be trampled by a herd that passed by.

Golden is releasing the plush from the top of the stairs. (Photo: Tik Tok / @finley_belle)

After simply releasing her toy, which until then was her favorite, Finley Belle stares at her owner with a determined look that shows no regret for the act she committed.

“She seems to be proud of herself”, says the caption of the publication.

The video received more than one and a half million views, 340 thousand likes and 2954 comments at the time of writing this article.

“This is a masterpiece,” wrote one user.

“Performance worthy of an Oscar,” said one internet user.

“Your dog could kill you. Please lock your bedroom doors at night,” Stacey joked.

Finley Belle appears to smile after seeing the giraffe fall. (Photo: Tik Tok / @finley_belle)

In February of this year, no one could have imagined that this scene would happen again. As it was Finley Belle’s first video on the profile, whoever manages the account decided to publish new cases of the golden girl abandoning her toys.

Other objects were: a stuffed carrot, a stuffed bear, a Halloween toy knife, the Easter bunny and finally a stuffed Donut.

The dog does not show regret or remorse in any of these acts hahaha. But probably the cruelest of all was one published on March 19, at the time, Finley Belle received a new toy, which at first she had to take care of and care for. Quite the opposite: she also threw him off the cliff. Until then it’s just one more, however, we can clearly see that golden is repulsed by the Lion King film, because as Mufasa has already suffered a crush on her own brother, she is not happy, she decided to throw Simba off the stairs.

Many internet users used to have fun with Finley Belle’s jokes, but when Simba joined the game she ended up hurting the inner child of some. While others supported this ‘alternative ending’ to the film.

What do you think about this? Watch the video below and leave your comment:

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