On Netflix, the Argentine film you’ll want to watch twice

On Netflix, the Argentine film you’ll want to watch twice
On Netflix, the Argentine film you’ll want to watch twice

“My Masterpiece”, directed by Gastón Duprat, is a film that challenges the conventions of contemporary cinema, masterfully mixing elements of comedy and drama. Set in the colorful and sometimes enigmatic world of art, the film tells the story of Renzo Nervi (Luis Brandoni), a visual artist with a fiery temperament whose career is in decline, and Arturo Silva (Guillermo Francella), his art dealer and longtime friend. date. The plot unfolds around Arturo’s audacious plan to rekindle interest in Renzo’s works, a scheme that challenges the limits of ethics and legality.

The story takes on the shape of an artistic thriller when Arturo, in an act of desperation and genius, fakes an accident that leads to Renzo’s temporary disappearance. This artifice is used to inflate the value of the artist’s works, a maneuver that exposes the peculiarities of the art market and the way in which the perception of value is manipulated.

Duprat doesn’t just tell a story about the art world; he delves into the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and the search for relevance in a world that often values ​​fame more than genuine talent. The relationship between Renzo and Arturo is the guiding thread of the narrative, revealing layers of complicity, conflict and a subtle humor that permeates their interactions.

Visually, the film is a delight. Duprat’s cinematography captures the vibrant palette of the art world, expertly contrasting it with scenes from a less colorful reality. This visual approach not only enriches the narrative, but also serves as a visual commentary on the dichotomies present in the art world.

The film’s soundtrack is a key piece, weaving harmoniously through the scenes, enriching the atmosphere without ever dominating the action. Each musical note seems to echo the characters’ emotional highs and lows, creating an auditory experience that perfectly complements the plot.

“My Masterpiece” goes beyond a simple critique of the art market. It is an exploration of human facets, a journey through the motivations, insecurities and aspirations that shape both artists and those who orbit around them. With a cleverly written script and brilliant performances, Duprat’s film is a celebration of art, both on screen and off, and an insightful reflection on the nature of creativity, friendship and the value of art itself. It is, without a doubt, a cinematic piece that remains in the memory long after the final credits.

Film: My Masterpiece
Direction: Gaston Duprat
Year: 2018
Gender: Comedy/Drama
note: 9/10

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