Chris Hemsworth is ambushed by the enemy after a tragedy

Chris Hemsworth is ambushed by the enemy after a tragedy
Chris Hemsworth is ambushed by the enemy after a tragedy

If you only think of Chris Hemsworth as Marvel’s muscular mountain, Thor, you may be proven wrong by HBO Max and Prime Video. After all, it is possible to see 12 Heroes on these streaming platforms. In the war film based on real events, the star must survive a murderous ambush among his troop of soldiers.

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Chris Hemsworth fights the Taliban as a mounted soldier

12 Heroes is based on the author’s book “Horse Soldiers” Doug Stanton. In the adaptation, an elite team of American soldiers led by Mitch Nelson (Hemsworth) invades Afghanistan and must fight the Taliban with the help of a tribal chief. After crossing the mountains, mainly on horseback, the 12 fighters are ambushed and fight for their lives.

There are several differences between the war film starring Chris Hemsworth and the original. For example, the small piece of World Trade Center rubble that Nelson carries with him was real. In reality, however, it was Colonel Bowers (in the film: Rob Riggle) who took it to Afghanistan.

12 Heroes was a moderate box office success in 2018 and received average reviews. Many viewers said the film had a good entertainment factor, but were bothered by the flat characters and running time.

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