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Not all the budget in the world can save a bomb!


Cinema is an expensive art, and there is not much to debate in this regard. To get a film off the ground, it is necessary to count on the help of hundreds of professionals, technology and equipment, not to mention publicity costs, marketing and other things. And even so, not everything is a guarantee that your film will be a success – or even that it will be good.

There is no shortage of films, especially in Hollywood, that cost a lot of money, but that are far from being some treasure of the Seventh Art. From superhero films, to adaptations of very famous books and sagas, here we bring together 10 bad films that cost a lot to make!

The Exorcist: The Devotee (2023)

Not always, all the costs of a film necessarily go towards its budget. Other factors must be taken into account, as in the case of scabrous The Exorcist: The Devoteea film released about a month ago, which attempts to reintroduce the franchise into theaters, serving as a direct continuation of the 1973 classic directed by William Friedkin.

The film is the first in a trilogy (at least, these are the original plans) and cost US$30 million – amount that has already been redeemed at the box office. However, to obtain the rights to reproduce the franchise, the Universal spent a trifle US$400 million. Therefore, the negative reception of the film David Gordon Green It certainly must have set off a red flag in the heads of the executives.

Green Lantern (2011)

When the subject is the Warner Bros. and the DC Comics, our hopes are not the greatest, but there are cases that are surpassed. An example is Green Lanternthe terrible 2011 film directed by Martin Campbell and starring Ryan Reynolds – wearing a costume made of CGI Horrible, by the way.

The film was supposed to be the kickoff to a new shared universe of A.D in cinemas, along the lines of what Marvel Studios was doing at the time. However, commercial failure and poor critical reception buried these plans once and for all – which becomes even more absurd if we consider that the film cost around US$200 million.

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

That the franchise of Transformers in Michael Bay There has never been a prestigious cinematic saga there, it’s nothing new. However, with each new release from the director, a spark of hope was extinguished, and we saw the world increasingly taken over by destructive robots, very incomprehensible action scenes and, of course, LinkinPark on the soundtrack.

Transformers: The Last Knighton the other hand, was the film that changed the entire logic of Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay himself. With estimated costs of US$217 millionthe film ended up being massacred by critics and even fans, and since then the franchise has lost Bay as director, and started to release several prequels set in this universe.

Waterworld: The Secret of the Waters (1995)

Although the list is dominated by blockbusters recent films – especially because this type of film has become much more expensive over the years – we couldn’t fail to mention a classic trash 1995. With Kevin Costner in the lead role, Waterworld: The Secret of the Waters cost an impressive amount of US$172 millionan unbelievable number for the time.

The reason is simple: in the plot, the Earth is completely submerged after an environmental collapse, which results in the melting of the planet’s poles. To build this oceanic immensity, a sum of money was spent – but, unfortunately for the filmmakers, the result was not the best, and Waterworld To this day, it appears on lists of the worst films ever made.

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Truth be told, Solo: A Star Wars Story It’s not as bad a film as many people make it out to be. In fact, it still brings a light, fast and fun adventure – but it disappoints precisely because of all the changes and interference made by the Disney and for Lucasfilm – which even resulted in the dismissal of two project directors, Phil Lord It is Chris Miller.

These creative obstacles justify, for example, the high cost of production. With an estimated budget between US$ 275 and 300 million, the film clearly suffers from a lack of creative focus and questionable script decisions. Catastrophe came in the form of critical and commercial reception, which forced Lucasfilm to re-evaluate all announced projects Star Wars.

Jurassic World: Dominion (2022)

In recent years, nostalgia has become a huge sales factor for Hollywood. Your favorite sagas from the 80s returned with new guises, characters and films, but with few noteworthy ideas. A case where this was even more evident was in the franchise Jurassic Worldwhich after a strong start, ended in a very mediocre way.

Among fans, there is a consensus that Jurassic World: Dominion It’s the worst film in the franchise. Not only does it bring back stars from the original trilogy, but Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum It is Laura Dernbut it also doesn’t know how to use any of these characters properly – which is even more disappointing in a production estimated to be US$265 million.

The Lion King (2019)

In recent years, the Disney has invested heavily in the production of live-action remakes of its greatest animated classics. And as we already know, this would soon indicate that The Lion King, one of the studio’s most classic films, would have its legacy tarnished. Said and done, thanks to the 2019 film that sacrifices any animation emotion in favor of a tedious realistic aesthetic.

What is impressive, however, are the expenses. The film cost around US$260 million – and made approximately six times that at the box office. Therefore, a prequel focused on the history of Mufasa It’s already on its way, but we can’t forget that, no matter how commercially successful it is, a film without a soul will always be a film without a soul.

Justice League (2017)

2017 was an interesting year for Warner/DC. After achieving the first success of the DCEU with Wonder Womanthe studio found itself in hot water with the release of Justice Leaguethe film that was supposed to serve as a great reunion for the heroes introduced so far – but which was shrouded in behind-the-scenes turmoil from the beginning.

Having cost around US$300 millionthe film suffered with the departure of Zack Snyder management, due to personal issues, as well as its replacement by Joss Whedon. With scary remakes, the worst use of CGI of the story and a bland plot, the film was a failure and pulled the plug on the Snyderverse devices once and for all.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Loved by some, hated by others, Star Wars: The Last Jedi became the franchise’s biggest turning point. If, on the one hand, Rian Johnson had a very specific vision for the future of the world of Star Warsthe noisy fan reaction and fear of boycott caused the Disney take a giant step back and throw The Rise of Skywalker.

With JJ Abrams returning to the position of director, the film is a collage of the franchise’s best moments, made without a hint of care, care or attention to what came before. Even so, the film entered the list of the most expensive films in history, costing around US$416 million. Fortunately or unfortunately, we never had another Star Wars since then.

The Hobbit (2012-2014)

Finally, we had to talk about the trilogy The Hobbit, perhaps one of the most appalling cases of how studio greed can transform a simple book, with just a few pages, into an epic divided into three parts (each lasting almost three hours). Although it has its defenders, the trilogy prequel in Lord of the Rings left a bitter taste.

And the most impressive thing is analyzing the costs behind these films. Filmed as a single feature, they had a budget of US$623 milliona value that is equivalent to more than double that used to produce Lord of the Rings (The three original films cost $260 million). This makes it all the more shocking, since The Hobbit has a much lower quality than the original trilogy of Peter Jacksoneven though they were more expensive.

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